Trelen is an elvaan devout.


Trelen is a great moral compass, who instinctively helps people, and who always wants to do the right thing. He's not always very confident in this aspect of himself, but it is one of the few things he won't back down on.


Trelen's goal is "experience." He has lived most of his life in a priests' cloister, and, now that he has made his way out of it, he wants to know what the world beyond is like.


Trelen's faith in his nation's church has been shaken by news that has reached him of evil things done in the name of the Church. This confuses him, because the Church has never been anything but good to him. He needs to find out what is beyond these walls, to be able to judge the Church in context, and perhaps bring reform where it is needed.


Trelen is protected in a maternal, mother-bear fashion by Lydia. He is thankful for her guardianship, and though he worries about putting her in danger's way, he knows he wouldn't be able to leave the cloister without her.


Trelen thinks that Calliope is naive and dangerous in her reactionary hatred of all things Church-related. Trelen is well aware of the issues the Church has had, but he thinks her total rejection of the Church's philosophy is narrowminded and insular, when the Church has clearly done so much good for so many people.

Support Characters

Neervallin, the high priest of Trelen's chapel, is his idol and his spiritual guide. Inexperienced in the ways of the world, Trelen gets advice from the learned sage, and learns how to see the good in everything through the wise old man's sagacious speeches. Trelen doesn't find them nearly as boring as everyone else seems to…

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