Towns & Dungeons


A central concept in FFZ is the distinction between a "town" and a "dungeon."

These terms are not necessarily literal, though they can be. The town might be an actual town, or it might be a safehouse in a dangerous city, or a friendly moogle cave in the monster-filled mines, or even simply a secure hole. A dungeon may be a literal torture-and-stone dungeon, or it could be an island prison, or deep catacombs, or the vast wilderness of a region, or a factory complex.

It is also possible to imagine the "town" and "dungeon" as chronological things. The "dungeon" is when the goes on an adventure to liberate the prince from his captivity within the prison of the palace, the "town" is when they reach the end of that adventure and can re-stock the supplies they used during it.

The most useful way to envision it is this:


A town in FFZ is any location that provides access to NPC-based services. This includes shops (item shops, equipment shops, magic shops), information (talkative townsfolk, a central library, a town crier), inns (or other places your party can return to after its been defeated), and other things that the PC's cannot normally provide themselves. Towns are generally monster-free, and hazard-free, their dangers held in check. Towns are down periods, when the party can recover, re-stock, learn more, and prepare for their next adventure. At any point in which the party is not enduring danger and difficulty, and where services are easily available, the party is considered "in town."

Note that, as pointed up above, this doesn't have to be a literal town. A place absent of monsters and threats is relative — even a large urban city can be a "dungeon" if the party is hiding out from aggressive imperial troops in the capitol city. And a wild cavern system inhabited by friendly reformed goblins is a town, even though it might not exactly look like one from the outside. You don't even necessarily have to change physical location — a town can just be down time in between adventures.


A dungeon in FFZ is any dangerous location without those NPC-based services, instead filled with monsters, hazards, challenges, threats, and other things the PC's must overcome, or that threaten the Failure of the PC's. Dungeons are active periods, when the party must face some trouble or be defeated by it.

Again, this doesn't have to be a literal dungeon. The "adventure" structure of FFZ assumes that each "adventure" is essentially equivalent to a "dungeon," in that the party will be able to recover their supplies only roughly when they gain a level.

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