LEGEND: There is a bright pink vulture that lairs somewhere just outside of town. It appeared a few years ago, and is unsually aggressive — other vultures follow in its wake, feasting on the dead it creates. It is said that the color and the ferocity of the creature is born out of a sense of vengeance — it has a particular hatred for members of the military.
A woman is seeking the return of her husband, a knight who left for the war long ago, and has not yet returned. Most believe that he's never coming back. She mentions that she gave him a gift when he left: a necklace of leather and soft lace, to wear underneath his armor. His (single) compatriot (who is in love with the woman), who served at his side, was the last to see him alive, and says that the last he saw his ally while on their way back from the war, but that they became separated just outside of town, when the warrior camped under the stars for one last night, while his compatriot returned home. The friend offered the man the use of his dagger for the night, and he's never seen that dagger again.
QUEST: Find out what happened to the knight who never returned from the war.
WILDERNESS: Just outside of town
SITE: Hilltop Campsite
FIGHT: Tococo lairs here, alongside several other vultures, having consumed the meat from the man's bones. The flock will attack injured characters when the party comes near to his remains, which are mostly picked clean…except for the lace around the skeletal neck, and a dagger sticking from the skull. The vultures ignore anyone not already injured, but Tococo, born of the spirit of vengeance in the man, will attack regardless.

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