"“Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind union of the two will preserve an independent reality”" — Albert Einstein


AKA: Time Mage, Oracle
Astrologers are superb manipulators of time and space, studying the cosmos and looking for ways to control it. Scholars and sages, they see into the future, and across vast distances, and are able to travel the world in the blink of an eye. They are magicians, and occupy primarily a support role, helping allies and afflicting enemies. However, they also possess some of the most potent (though expensive) spells around, rivaling the dark magic of the wizards.

Base Statistics

These are the basic statistics for anybody with Astrologer set as their main job.

HP 15 Weapon Power 1d6 Weapon Type Rods
MP 25 Spell Power 1d10 Armor Type Robes
Job Bonus +1 Luck, +1 Spell Power Job Tree Wizard/Machinist


Characters with Astrologer as their main job can use the following skills.

Explore Intelligence: Astrologers use maps, star charts, and formulae to discover paths.
Teleport: Astrologers can achieve one automatic success.
Social Intelligence: Astrologers approach human interaction like a social science.
Knowledge Intelligence: Astrologers are academics, learning from ancient tomes of lore.


Astrologers gain the following powers as they gain job levels. There are three major camps for Astrology powers: Time spells, which manipulate the flow of time for an individual; Space spells, which alter the places of party members and enemies; and Gravity spells, which warp space to deal exact damage.


1: Gravity: Float

Float temporarily suspends the forces of gravity, enabling an ally to hover off the ground.

Float Spell 1 A
5 MP
Bestows Float on one ally.

2: Space: Bind

Bind renders an enemy incapable of moving through space.

Bind Spell 1 A
10 MP
Inflicts Immobilize on one enemy.

3: Time: Slow

Slow makes an enemy fight and move more slowly.

Slow Spell 1 A,
10 MP
Inflicts Slow on one enemy.

4: Gravity: Gravity

Gravity shaves off an enemy's life-force.

Gravity Spell 1 A
15 MP
Deals gravity damage equal to ONE QUARTER of the target's remaining HP.

5: Space: Disable

Disable renders an enemy unable to reach any other target, negating their abilities.

Disable Spell 2 A
20 MP
Inflicts Disable on one enemy.

6: Time: Haste

Haste makes allies faster.

Haste Spell 1 A,
10 MP
Bestows Haste on one ally.

7: Gravity: Graviga

A big distortion in spacetime warps a foe's vitality.

Graviga Spell 2 A
25 MP
Deals gravity damage equal to ONE HALF of the target's remaining HP.

8: Space: Warp

Warp causes an enemy to disappear entirely.

Warp Spell 3 A
30 MP
Inflicts Eject on one enemy.

9: Time: Stop

Stop halts time entirely for the subject.

Stop Spell 3 A,
30 MP
Inflicts Stop on one enemy.

10: Gravity: Gravira

Gravira leaves an enemy moaning on the ground.

Gravira Spell 3 A
30 MP
Deals gravity damage equal to THREE QUARTERS of the target's remaining HP.

Epic: Starfall: Meteor

Once they master time and space, astrologers can make the sky itself fall on their foes.

Meteor Spell 4 A
40 MP
This deals SPELL POWER non-elemental damage to all enemies three times.


Astrologers can customize their abilities with feats, gaining new abilities and options.


Rank I

Predict: Regain

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 1
This feat allows an astrologer to speed up an ally's healing

Regain [Ability] Spell 1 A
10 MP
Bestows Regen on one ally.

Space: Exit

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 1
Exit allows the astrologer to make a quick getaway.

Exit [Ability] Spell 1 A
10 MP
The party flees from combat. This counts as a failure.

Rank II

Gravity: Gravija

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 5
An astrologer with this feat can rip open multiple holes in space-time at once.

Gravija [Ability] Spell 2 A
20 MP
Deals gravity damage equal to ONE QUARTER of the target's remaining HP to each enemy.

Time: Slowja

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 5
An astrologer with Slowja slows time for all foes.

Slowja [Ability] Spell 2 A
20 MP
Inflicts Slow on all enemies.

Skyfall: Comet

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 5
This feat allows an astrologer to cause the sky to fall a little earlier than normal…

Comet [Ability] Spell 2 A
20 MP
This deals HALF SPELL POWER non-elemental damage to all enemies twice.

Predict: Judgment

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 5
The astrologer decrees the fate of an enemy.

Judgment [Ability] Spell 2 A
20 MP
Inflicts Doom on the target.

Rank III

Time: Hasteja

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 8
An astrologer with Hasteja makes all allies quicker.

Hasteja [Ability] Spell 3 A
30 MP
Bestows Haste on all allies.

Predict: Slow Numb

Prerequisite: Astrologer Level 8
The astrologer seals a foe for eternity.

Judgment [Ability] Spell 3 A
30 MP
Inflicts Petrify on the target after 3 rounds.


Time: Quick

Prerequisite: Astrologer Epic Level
Quick allows an ally to take a turn immediately.

Quick [Ability] Spell 4 A
40 MP
One ally can take a turn immediately following you. They still get their turn as normal, as well.

Space: X-Zone

Prerequisite: Astrologer Epic Level
X-Zone hurls all the astrologer's enemies into the void.

X-Zone [Ability] Spell 4 A
40 MP
Inflicts Eject on all enemies.

Predict: Reflect

Prerequisite: Astrologer Epic Level
The astrologer turns fate around on the enemy who targeted them

Reflect [Ability] Spell 4 A
40 MP
Bestows Reflect on the target.
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