In Final Fantasy Zero, who your abilities can affect depends on a few qualities. Go through the checklist below to find out who you're hitting with your effect:


  1. Can you see them? You can only validly target creatures that you can actually see.
  2. Which team does it target? In other words, does the ability hit an enemy (a member of an opposing party), or an ally (a member of your own party) primarily? You can usually this quality of the ability, but any enemy-targeting ability requires some sort of attack roll, while ally-targeting abilities never do.
  3. How many creatures does it target? Is it one target or all targets? Effects that target all enemies or all allies really don't hit "all" literally, but rather target one team, and affect each member in that team.

Changing Targets

The targeting information in a given ability is mostly there as a default.
Changing "One" to "All" or "All" to "One":
In situations where you're facing a lot of petty enemies, or enemies with a large amount of group-damaging effects, it can be useful to spread out an ability over the entire party (or all enemies). In certain situations, such as if an NPC is taken hostage, it can also be useful to turn some of your powerful group-targeting spells into single-target spells that are more focused. Certain abilities (such as the Spread Magick and Narrow Magick feats) allow this to happen, but characters without those abilities cannot manipulate this aspect of targeting..
Changing "Enemy" to "Ally" or "Ally" to "Enemy":
Sometimes, you need to give your good friend a solid whack (such as if they're charmed), and at other times, it might be useful to use otherwise helpful abilities on enemies (such as using a Potion on an undead monster). Generally, you can switch this part of the targeting scheme freely: the one change is that when you are hitting an unwilling target, they apply their relevant Defense (either Stamina or Willpower).
Assumed Willing and Unwilling:
"Enemy" and "Ally" are really just codes for "unwilling" (i.e.: wants to put up a defense and prevent it) and "willing" (i.e.: does not want to block it). The game basically assumes that creatures are willingly recipient of beneficial effects, and that they are unwilling trying to resist potentially harmful effects. A character can flip this "switch" whenever they want to, if they feel they have cause to prevent a beneficial effect or allow a harmful effect (or if the expect the caster to be lying).

Example Targeting Text

Targets One Enemy Hits one unwilling target, who applies their relevant Defense
Targets All Enemies Hits one unwilling team, who apply their relevant Defenses
Targets One Ally Hits one willing target; no Defense is applied.
Targets All Allies Hits one willint team; no Defense is applied.
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