Called variously "Espers," "Scions," "Avatars," "Guardian Forces," "Aeons," "Phantom Beasts," "Holy Beasts," or a score of other names, summons are an FF staple, used by specific characters or many characters in nearly every FF title. They are one of the most distinct FF hallmarks, so, of course, they make an appearance in FFZ.

In FFZ, your summons serve a role as your limit breaks. With a summon, your character starts adding Crisis Levels to the limit pool, and, when the party's Crisis Levels are high enough, the party can summon. Without a summon, your characters don't get to add Crisis Levels to the limit pool, and so have no way to turn around a battle that goes south. Summons are a party-based resource: when you summon a creature, that one creature replaces your party, and all the players get to control its actions in turn.

Summons also serve each character directly. Each character can "equip" one summon at a time, and the equipped summon gives a character a support ability and several action abilities. They often function something like a very limited sub-job, or a very expansive accessory.

How Summoning Works

Once the party acquires a summon (however they do that), any character can equip the summon. A character can only equip one summon at a time. When a summon is equipped, the character gains a Crisis Mode that specify how they gain Crisis Levels.

Once your characters have at least as many Crisis Levels as there are party members (so 4, if you are in a party of 4), any summoner in the party can summon their equipped creature as long as they are currently in Crisis. However, the party can only summon once per combat, and it uses the party's Crisis Levels, so it should be a party-based decision.

Once you summon an equipped creature, the party disappears, and the creature arrives. It's statistics are something of a combination of all they party's statistics:

  • Statistics: A summoned creature has a Weapon Power, Spell Power, Stamina, Willpower, Speeed, and Luck score equal to the highest score in the party. So they might get their Stamina from the party Paladin, but their Spell Power from the party Black Mage. A well-balanced party will produce a well-balanced summoned creature.
  • HP and MP: A summoned creature combines the remaining and maximum HP and MP of the party into the total "current" and "maximum" value for it.
  • Actions: The summon one action per round for each party member (so a party of 4 allows it 4 actions on each round). On its turn, each player can pick one action for it to perform, in any order they desire. The summoned creature can perform any action that the summoner can perform. Each time it acts, it uses one Crisis Level.

A summoned creature goes away in three possible ways. When the summon leaves, regardless of how, it performs its Limit Break.

  • Run out of Crisis: Each action a summoned creature takes reduces the Crisis Level by one. Once the summoned creature has 0 Crisis Levels, it disappears.
  • Run out of HP: If the summoned creature runs out of HP, it disappears, and its summoner is reduced to 1 HP. It cannot be summoned again until the next adventure, and until it can be summoned again, the summoner cannot use the creature's abilities.
  • Run out of MP: If the summoned creature runs out of MP, it disappears, and its summoner is reduced to 1 MP. It cannot be summoned again until the next adventure, and until it can be summoned again, the summoner cannot use the creature's abilities.

Summon List

Rank I

  • Boko, a wandering chocobo that helps beginners.
  • Mist Dragon, a protective dragon of light, who cloaks those who need to hide in thick fog.
  • Sylphs, helpful air sprites who feed on life-force.
  • Goblin, an aggressive trickster spirit, who wallops the enemies of those who call him.
  • Bomb, a spirit of fire and vengeance, who explodes at the slightest provocation.
  • Whyt, a primordial summoned creature yet to be defined.
  • Remora, a swarm spirit of constant hunger.
  • Carbuncle, a protective spirit taking the form of a small, rodent-like creature with a ruby in its head.
  • Kirin, a mystical chimera representing eternal life.
  • Cait Sith, a trickster-cat who turns allies against each other.
  • Zona Seeker, a being from another dimension with mastery of magic.
  • Quetzalcoatl, a brightly-colored, winged serpent-dragon who brings storms and bestows flight.
  • Fenrir, a great wolf of the night, who uses illusions to trick his foes.
  • Diabolos, a nightmare-demon who manipulates darkness and gravity.
  • Brothers, twin minotaurs of a sacred planet.
  • Moomba, a young creature yet to realize its destiny.
  • Mog, a moogle that protects those under his charge.
  • Valefor, an energy dragon, the younger sister of Bahamut.
  • Elementals, ten entities of the ten major elements.
  • Belias, a bestial, fiery servant of kings.
  • Mateus, a fish-like being of water and ice that takes hostages.
  • Adrammelech, a draconic entity of storms.
  • Zalera, a twin entity of holy and unholy power.

Rank II

  • Shiva, a noble woman whose cold heart is reflected in her icy powers.
  • Ifrit, a savage, demonic figure who brings with him the tormenting fires of hell.
  • Ramuh, a man who sits in the sky to judge mortals by striking them with lightning.
  • Titan, a gigas who causes earthquakes with its great fury.
  • Golem, a mechanical man meant to defend its creator.
  • Cockatrice, a lizard-bird with a petrifying beak.
  • Siren, a beautiful songstress who can rob people of their voices.
  • Phantom, an ephemeral spirit of the dead.
  • Bismark, an undying white whale who causes tides.
  • Seraph, an angelic maiden who heals the innocent.
  • Kjata, a bull who shakes the earth and brings fiery eruptions and storms in his wake.
  • Typhoon, a giant sack whose breath hurls enemies far from combat.
  • Cerberus, a triple-headed hell-hound that guards the gates of the Land of the Dead.
  • Shemhazai, an archer who teaches the gods' weaknesses to mortals.
  • Hashmal, a leonine figure of unbreakable law.
  • Zeromus, an immense entity of raw gravitational pull.
  • Exodus, a figure of cosmic magic, who unites earth and sky.
  • Salamander, a seperent of fire.
  • Faerie, a healing fey queen.

Rank III

  • Leviathan, a sea serpent and the King of Summoned Creatures.
  • Asura, a three-headed goddess reflecting healer, warrior, and protector. The Queen of Summoned Creatures.
  • Drakan, an ancient squid-like psychic who paralyzes its prey.
  • Catoblepas, a hideous swamp-beast who turns enemies to stone with a glance.
  • Syldra, a sea dragon of storms who pulls a pirate ship.
  • Phoenix, a resurrection-bird engulfed in flame, who can restore the truly dead to life.
  • Unicorn, a mythic being of purification, said to only respond to young girls.
  • Maduin, a spirit of fatherhood and protection, who contains a sacred wrath.
  • Valigarmanda, a winged serpent-dragon that brings elemental disaster.
  • Jormungand, the World Serpent that encircles the earth, whose tossing brings earthquakes.
  • Lakshmi, a motherly figure whose embrace heals all.
  • Alexander, a mobile castle that defends allies and executes evil with prejudice.
  • Hades, a god of the dead who curses all near him.
  • Doomtrain, a train that carries souls to their final rest.
  • Atomos, a portal between worlds.
  • Cuchulainn, an obese entity of plague and illness.
  • Famfrit, a horrible being behind a suit of armor.
  • Chaos, a constantly-reincarnated fiend who manipulates time and wind.
  • Hecatonchier, a hundred-handed gigas equipped with hundreds of guns.
  • Brynhildr, a fire giant who offended Odin in a contest between two kings by picking the wrong one.


  • Odin, a mounted warrior who is a herald of death.
  • Bahamut, an ancient dragon who wanders the earth and tests those who may be worthy.
  • Ragnarok, a blade that brings true transformation.
  • Magus Sisters, a triple goddess of true magical mastery.
  • Gilgamesh, a sell-sword that charges for his services.
  • Cactuar, a spirit of speed, evasion, and blasting enemies with thousands of tiny attacks.
  • Round Table, twelve knights and their King, who award virtue.
  • Tonberry, a creature with a knife that seeks ultimate vengeance.
  • Eden, a great garden that focuses holy power.
  • Ark, a shadow-powered ship that brings life to new worlds.
  • Anima, an entity of pain and sacrifice.
  • Ultima, a rebel angel.
  • Zodiark, a young entity of deepest shadow.
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