Rods are solid sticks, cylinders often topped with precious items and gems, employed by Astrologers in combat.

Rod Strategy

Rods are a melee weapon, so are most effectively used in the front row. However, given that Astrologers are not often very effective melee combatants in general, the rod attack should be relied on only in special circumstances: if you are delivering your special attack, if you are out of MP, or if an enemy especially vulnerable to magic comes along. This latter case benefits from having rods attack Willpower instead of Stamina: an astrologer can disable a combatant's attack power with their magic first, and then wade into melee swinging the rod. Rods are also limited, however, by the fact that they increase Magick Power, not Weapon Power. Their overall damage is fairly low, even against enemies that they are useful against.

Special rods are common, and usually are spell-infused, allowing a wielder to cast magic out of them for no MP cost. In this case, they are mostly used to

Rod Basic Attack

Delay 5
Deal (Weapon Power) damage as a melee attack against one enemy. Damage is lessened with Willpower instead of Stamina

Basic Rods

Grade Rod Bonus
Starting Onion Rod +2 Magick Power
A candy-striped stick topped with a glittering star-shaped stone.
D Fairy Rod +3 Magick Power
A lightweight rod with a fairy caged on top.
C Wizard's Rod +4 Weapon Power
A gnarled length of wood used by powerful black mages.
B Mythril Rod +5 Magic Power
A silvery rod tipped with a glistening mythril moon.
A Asura Rod +6 Magick Power
A rod of sinful fallen gods.
Special Magus Rod +7 Weapon Power
A rod of the ancient Magi.

Special Rods

Grade Rod Bonus Ability Ability Description
D Firewheel Rod +2 Magick Power Inherent Fire Your physical attacks become Fire-elemental. You can also use the Fire spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A rod of charcoal and flint, topped with a flame-like red gem.
C Sleet Rod +3 Magick Power Inherent Blizzard Your physical attacks become Ice-elemental. You can also use the Blizzard spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A rod of mythril and silver, topped with a white gem cut into a delicate snowflake.
B Rod of Thor +4 Magick Power Inherent Thunder Your physical attacks become Lightning-elemental. You can also use the Thunder spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A rod of copper and gold, topped with a copper thunderbolt.
A Plague Rod +5 Magick Power Inherent Bio Your physical attacks become Shadow-elemental. You can also use the Bio spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A rod of bone and sinew, topped with a skull.
A Lilith Rod +5 Magick Power Inherent Drain Your physical attacks deal half damage, but absorb HP. You can also use the Drain spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A rod bent and weaving like a serpent, with an open, fanged mouth for a tip.
Special Stardust Rod +6 Magick Power Inherent Meteor Your physical attacks become Cosmos-elemental. You can also use the Meteor spell from the rod, without MP cost.
A short staff made of starmetal, with a smoldering meteor for the tip.
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