Robes are used by spellcasters to protect against magick. Robes enhance Will, in general, and the following jobs can equip them: Astrologer, Dancer, Freelancer, Minstrel, Mystic, Wizard, Devout, Druid, Psychic.

Robe Strategy

Robes are mostly good for protecting against enemy spellcasters, dramatically boosting your Willpower. There are few special robes, but the Black Robe and the White Robe both have the unusual possibility of enhancing damage — pairing them with other damage-enhancing effects can be a remarkable payoff.

Basic Robes

Grade Armor Bonus
Starting Hempen Robes +2 Willpower
Simple hemp robes.
D Cotton Robes +3 Willpower
Robes of soft cotton
C Silk Robe +4 Willpower
Robes of smooth, strong silk.
B Wizard Robes +5 Willpower
Robes worn by clever sophists.
A Magus Robe +6 Willpower
Robes worn by professional spellcasters.
Special Rainbow Robes +7 Willpower
Robes woven of light itself.

Special Robes

Grade Armor Bonus Ability Ability Description
B Sage's Surplice +4 Willpower +4 Spell Power +5 Equipment bonus to Spell Power
A robe worn by holy elders.
Special Black Robe +5 Willpower +6 Spell Power +6 Equipment bonus to Spell Power
Robes for a weaver of dark magicks.
Special Luminous Robe +6 Willpower Half MP The MP cost for all of your spells is halved.
Robes woven of raw, shimmering magick.
Special White Robe +6 Willpower Ward All You gain Ward against all elemental damage.
Robes for a crusader of light.
Special Robe of Lords +6 Willpower Pierce Spells you cast cannot be Reflected.
Violet, jade-encrusted robes of Emperors.
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