Rifles are heavy two-handed guns used by Alchemists. They are slow weapons, but capable of great damage.

Rifle Strategy

Rifles are best used against slow-moving, highly defensive creatures. Their ability to ignore Stamina and Vigor means that you are not penalized for having a low Strength, and that creatures that rely on a high Constitution to avoid damage likely will be in for a rude surprise. It also means that the weapon's sluggishness isn't compensated for by a high damage rate, however, and that you can't increase it like you can with most other weapons. Creatures that use a more aggressive strategy will likely make the rifle attacks too little, too late to be of much help.

Rifle Basic Attack

Charge 5, Accuracy 5
Deal (Weapon Power) damage as a ranged attack against one enemy. This attack ignores the target's Stamina. The attack is not modified by your Vigor statstic.

Basic Rifles

Grade Rifle Bonus
Starting Onion Rifle +2 Weapon Power
A long-barreld gun powered by compressed air.
D Hand-Cannon +3 Weapon Power
A gun with a bell-shaped barrel that fires large bullets.
C Machine Gun +4 Weapon Power
A semi-automatic gun that covers the enemy in wounds.
B Solid Bazooka +5 Weapon Power
A shoulder-mounted gun the fires with a dragon's roar.
A Annihilator +6 Weapon Power
A gun something like a tank's barrel.
Special Exeter +7 Weapon Power
An immense gun capable of demolishing buildings.

Special Rifles

Grade Rifle Bonus Ability Ability Description
B Quicksilver +4 Weapon Power Fast Shot Your Rifle attack has Delay 5 instead of Charge 2
A shimmering gun that fires liquid metal bullets
A Fomalhaut +6 Weapon Power Water Strike Your physical attacks become Water-elemental.
An ornate gun in the shape of a Sea Dragon
Special Death Penalty +5 Weapon Power Killstrike On a hit, you inflict Instant KO
A sniper's gun used to kill with a single bullet.
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