Final Fantasy Zero has two major types of "points:" Hit Points and Magick Points. These points are pools that get depleted during play from various methods (such as damage, or using a job ability). They are awarded first at character creation, with a base maximum of 10, 15, or 20, plus an ability score(Constitution in the case of HP, Charisma in the case of MP). Both points increase in maximum by 5 per level, and can be restored or recovered with various forms of healing.

Running out of Hit Points is the most fundamental way to loose a combat.

Magick Points give you more powerful options in combat; if you run out, you might still win, but it is a more difficult fight without those high-level powers at your disposal. In general, magick points are harder to recover than hit points (because they are less essential to success), but they are easier to damage than hit points (for the same reason).

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