Plate is a category of heavy armor that enhances physical defense. Plate enhances Stamina.

Plate Strategy

Plate armor improves your physical defenses magnificently. Thus, it is best for people who spend time in the Front Row. Due to row mechanics, Stamina tends to be more necessary than Willpower, since Row status doesn't affect the latter, but does affect the former.

Basic Plate Armor

Grade Armor Bonus
Starting Linen Cuirass +2 Stamina
Beginner's armor made mostly of layers of cloth.
D Chainmail +3 Stamina
Heavy armor of interlinked metal chains.
C Plate Mail +4 Stamina
Armor of overlapping plates of heavy steel.
B Knight's Armor +5 Stamina
Ornate plate mail worn by battle champions.
A Maximilian +6 Stamina
Armor forged for an emperor
Special Grand Plate +7 Stamina
The mightiest of armors.

Special Plate Armor

Grade Armor Bonus Ability Ability Description
B Caribeener Mail +4 Stamina +3 Weapon Power +3 equipment bonus to Weapon Power
Mail made from thick, interlocking chain links.
Special Mirror Mail +5 Stamina Auto-Reflect You have constant Reflect status.
Shimmering plates of reflective metal.
Special Bone Mail +6 Stamina Undead You take 2x damage from Holy (and take damage from holy healing), and Shadow damage heals you.
Armor made of bones and necromantic magick.
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