“One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god” — Jean Rostand


AKA: Assassin
Ninjas are stealthy murderers, creatures who lurk in the shadows, leaping out unseen to execute their enemies. They are illusionists and decievers, throwing their targets off guard, diverting their attention, and then attacking when they are least defended. They are a back-row job with powerful melee abilities that they must work to bring to bear.

Base Statistics

These are the basic statistics for anybody with Ninja set as their main job.

HP 20 Weapon Power 1d10 Weapon Type Katana
MP 20 Spell Power 1d6 Armor Type Light Armor
Job Bonus +1 Evade, +1 Accuracy Job Tree Hunter/Fencer


Characters with Ninja as their main job can use the following skills.

Explore Intelligence: Ninjas move nowhere without proper reconnaissance
Stealth: The challenge cannot score Victory Points on you, as long as you do not score Victory Points on it.
Social Intelligence: Ninjas research their targets, knowing where to place their words.
Knowledge Intelligence: Trained and cloistered away from the world, ninjas understand facts, not emotions.


Ninjas gain the following powers as they gain job levels. The three main divisions include sneaking (Stealth), deception (Illusion), and deadly attacks (Assassination). Ninjas also gain some special tools, and the ability to throw things.


1: Tools: Ninja Tools

Ninja Tools are a variety of special items that ninjas have learned to use effectively due to their special training. Ninja tools cost gil, and are used up, just like normal items.

2: Stealth: Hide

The ninja simply goes away…

Hide Tech 1 A You gain the Hidden status.

3: Illusion: Veil

You create multiple images of yourself, protecting yourself from harm.

Veil Spell 1 A
10 MP
You gain Blink status.

4: Assassination: Beso Toxico

Your enemies will die slowly from your poisoned weapon.

Beso Toxico Tech 1 A Deal WEAPON POWER damage and roll Potency. In a hit, the target is also Poisoned.

5: Assassination: Two Swords

You attack twice, with a weapon in each hand.

Two Sword Tech 2 A You attack the target twice, dealing WEAPON POWER damage with each attack.

6: Stealth: Conceal

You are present, but cannot be seen or touched.

Conceal Spell 2 A
20 MP
You gain Vanish status.

7: Illusion: Phantoms

The target hears phantom noises and sees shadowy targets — that are not you.

Phantoms Spell 1 A
10 MP
The target is Confused.

8: Assassination: Unspell

Your victim looses all protections.

Unspell Spell 3 A
30 MP
The target is Dispelled.

9: Illusion: Nightmare

The target falls into a deep slumber from which they will never awaken.

Nightmare Spell 3 A
30 MP
The target gains Sleep and Doom.

10: Assassination: Throw Weapon

You hurl a weapon bodily into your foe

Throw Weapon Tech 1 A You use a weapon from your inventory to deal TRIPLE WEAPON POWER damage to a single target, using the same elemental type as the weapon. The weapon is destroyed.

Epic: Assassination: Last Breath

You simply kill your foe.

Last Breath Tech 3 A Inflicts instant death.


Ninjas can customize their abilities with feats, gaining new abilities and options.

Rank I

Dual Wield

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 1
Ninjas can wield multiple implements at once.

~Dual Wield [Option] You can attack twice when you use a basic attack, but if you do, each attack deals HALF WEAPON POWER damage.

Assassination: Greased Lightning

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 1
A ninja who knows this technique strikes so fast that her foes cannot react.

Greased Lightning [Ability] 1 A Your attack deals HALF WEAPON POWER damage, but ignore all reaction abilities that it would trigger.

Assassination: Ague

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 1
This special ability keeps an enemy from fleeing.

Aphonia [Ability] Tech 1 A Deals HALF WEAPON POWER damage and inflicts Slow.

Rank II

Stealth: Clear Tranquil

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 5
A ninja with this technique can prepare her party for combat before engaging.

Clear Tranquil [Ability] Tech 2 A Each ally regains HP equal to ONE-HALF MAXIMUM HP.

Assassination: Death Sickle

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 5
A ninja with this ability assures his enemy's destruction.

Death Sickle [Ability] Tech 2 A Deals WEAPON POWER damage and inflicts Doom.

Stealth: Aphonia

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 5
This ability renders an enemy incapable of shouting out.

Aphonia [Ability] Tech 2 A Deals WEAPON POWER damage and inflicts Silence.

Rank III

Stealth: Spite

Prerequisite: Ninja level 8
A ninja with this technique prevents others from hurting him by holding a potent attack in reserve.

Spite [Ability] Tech 3 A Deals damage to both HP and MP equal to HALF DAMAGE TAKEN.

Illusion: Shadowbind

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 8
This roots an enemy's shadow in place, freezing them utterly.

Shadowbind [Ability] Spell 3 A
30 HP
Deals WEAPON POWER damage and inflicts Stop.

Assassination: Rockseal

Prerequisite: Ninja Level 8
This mystical ninja art entombs an enemy for eternity.

Rockseal [Ability] Spell 3 A
30 HP
Deals WEAPON POWER damage and inflicts Petrify.


True Wield

Prerequisite: Thief Epic Level
A thief of epic level can wield blades with choice efficiency.

True Wield [Option] You can wield two weapons, allowing you to make two basic attacks instead of one. This takes two actions.
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