Nephenthis is a yuke wizard.


Nephenthis's goal is "Vengeance." He wants to slay the God of Death who took his wife from him.


Nephenthis was deeply in love with his wife, and she died of an illness early in their marriage. She died stuggling and suffering, and Nephenthis grew angry at the gods themselves for allowing her to perish like that. He does not want her back — he is afraid she would die again just as horribly. He just wants to kill the God of Death who took her from him.


Nephenthis has introduced Trelen to the world beyond the temple's walls, and so serves as something of a mentor for the elvaan. Nephenthis is rather cynical and despondent, and hopes to instill in Trelen a knowledge of the inevitability of suffering. Trelen, for his part, is curious about the things Nephenthis speaks of, but is unconvinced at this point.


Nephenthis sees Valdric as dangerous. The warrior is far too reckless, and disregards his safety far too easily. Nephenthis does not feel safe trusting his life to that barbarian.

Support Characters

His wife's mother, Babagu, is still around. She is sad about her daughter's death, but does not blame Nephenthis for his feelings, and actually wishes he would come around to some form of optimism about it. In her daughter's absence, Babagu sees it as her duty to make sure her son-in-law is grounded in reality.


Nephenthis is never going to be able to kill the God of Death. Sooner or later, he's going to have to learn to be OK with that, to accept that bad things happen, and to learn to live despite that.

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