Move challenges typically involve getting to a location, through some difficult terrain.


  • Your party needs to move across treacherous wilderness to their goal, climbing walls, leaping chasms, swimming streams, etc.
  • Your party needs to navigate a ship, steer a cart, or learn to maneuver lost technology of the Ancients.
  • Your party must outrun an enormous dragon whose lair they disturbed.
  • Your party needs to overcome traps and locks in a deep dungeon.
  • Your party is navigating a complex maze in a mad wizard's tower.

Challenge Flow

At the start of the challenge, the party determines where they want to go, and the GM declares that going there requires a Move Challenge. At that point, the entire party attempts to get to the goal, helping each other, and using their Move skills to achieve victory.

Victory and Failure

Each individual success in a Move Challenge surmounts some obstacle. It might cross a river, unlock a door, choose the right path in a maze, or navigate through a cyclone in your airship.

Victory in a Move challenge means that you reach your goal. What waits for you at the end might not be exactly what you expected, but you are where you intended to go.

Each loss in a Move Challenge wastes more time as you take the wrong path, are forced to go around the obstacle, or get blown off course by the storm. Move challenges may also threaten to kill your party members, if the environment is especially dangerous.

Total failure in a Move challenge means that the party cannot move between Point A and Point B. They might have to go to an unrelated point and try again, with a different Move Challenge, or they may never be able to make it to Point B, ever, the region entirely unknown to them. Total failure is likely to cost time, but also possibly the health and fortitude of your party, and perhaps some gil as well, paying for supplies and lost items.

The Move Check

Roll your skill, and compare it to the Difficulty of the Move Challenge. If you beat the Difficulty, you gain one success. If you don't, you gain one loss, and suffer the Hazard. When the number of your successes meets the Requirements for the challenge, you achieve victory. If the number of your losses ever rises above the Threshold for the challenge, you fail.

Skill Abilities

Instead of making a Move Check, you could also use one of your Skill Abilities to have a certain outcome result. Skill Abilities may add successes or reduce Requirements, subtract failures or increase the Threshold, add to future Learn checks, or lower the Difficulty, depending on the ability used. Skill Abilities do not require Move Checks: their effects are automatic, when you decide to use them.


The party needs to move through the River Belle Path to the Myrrh tree at the end. The GM decides that this is a fairly easy challenge, but he breaks up the required skill challenges with combats at certain points.

River Belle Path
Difficulty: 15 Requirement: 5 Threshold: 3
Hazard: Each failure subjects the party to an attack by goblins, in addition to the normal attacks.
Progress: The party moves along the old path, now fallen into disrepair and haunted by goblins. Every two successes, have the party fight a team of goblins, and then continue the challenge.
Victory: The party reaches the Myrrh Tree behind the waterfall at the River's mouth. Of course, the Giant Crab that lurks here is ready to meet them with its massive claws…
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