Monsters in FFZ follow the same basic mechanics that characters do, but are presented in a "simplified" format, to allow GMs to run many at once, without having to juggle a large amount of abilities.

For combat purposes, normal monsters have their basic statistics (including Weapon and Armor statistics), a normal attack, a normal defense, and one special ability (monsters do not make use of attack or defense options). That special ability might be blue magic, but it is not always blue magic.

"Minion" monsters are essentially half a monster. They have half the HP, MP, and Power that other monsters do, and their net stat bonus is -2.

"Elite" monsters are essentially two monsters rolled together, so they will have two special abilities, as well as a trait, and about ten times the HP and MP when compared to normal monsters. Elite monsters are tougher than normal monsters encountered at the same level.

"Boss" monsters are essentially four monsters rolled together, so they will have four special abilities, as well as at least one trait, and about twenty times the HP and MP when compared to normal monsters. Boss monsters are MUCH tougher than normal monsters encountered at the same level.

Elite monsters and boss monsters generally require Limits to eliminate in an expedient fashion.

Monsters have three descriptive elements: a Genus, a Family, and a Type. A Genus describes broadly the kind of creature it is, and gives some basic traits. A Family of monsters generally all look the same and share abilities. A Type of monster is a specific kind of monster.

For instance, a typical Goblin is of the Humanoid genus, the Goblin family, and is a "Goblin" type. Other types within the Goblin family include Red Caps and Gobbledegaks.

Monsters might have "extreme" statistics (high bonuses or penalties), but this is generally fine since they don't have to do much. Their stats still are balanced.

The Thirteen Genrea
Beasts Wolves, bears, twin horns, and other wild animals. Leo
Humanoids Goblins, orcs, giants, sahagin, and other cultural creatures. Gemini
Vermin Bees, crawlers, spiders, and other arthropods. Scorpio
Lizards Adamantoise, basilisks, crocodiles, and other scaly beasts. Capricorn
Plantoids Treants, fungi, vines, and other plant-like creatures. Virgo
Aquans Crabs, fish, octopi, and other swimming critters. Pisces
Avians Birds, bats, rocs, and other flying creatures. Sagittarius
Amorphs Flan, oozes, worms, and other semi-solid creatures. Aquarius
Undead Ghosts, skeletons, vampires, and other once-living creatures. Libra
Dragon Puks, Hyras, Saurials, and other great creatures. Serpentarius
Fiend Imps, demons, devils, and other hellish minions. Taurus
Celestial Angels, Ki-rin, Fairies, and other otherworldly entities. Aries
Construct Golems, Magic Pots, Bombs, and other invented creatures. Cancer
Zodiac Compatibility
Sign Optimal Compatible Incompatible
Aries Libra Sagittarius, Leo Cancer, Scorpio
Taurus Scorpio Virgo, Capricorn Aquarius, Leo
Gemini Sagittarius Libra, Aquarius Virgo, Pisces
Cancer Capricorn Scorpio, Pisces Libra, Aries
Leo Aquarius Sagittarius, Aries Taurus, Scorpio
Virgo Pisces Capricorn, Taurus Sagittarius, Gemini
Libra Aries Gemini, Aquarius Capricorn, Cancer
Scorpio Taurus Pisces, Cancer Aquarius, Leo
Sagittarius Gemini Aries, Leo Pisces, Virgo
Capricorn Cancer Taurus, Virgo Libra, Aries
Aquarius Leo Gemini, Libra Taurus, Scorpio
Pisces Virgo Cancer, Scorpio Sagittarius, Gemini
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