Magick Points


Magick Points (abbreviated MP), one of two types of points in Final Fantasy Zero, are the measure of access to special techniques and spells for any creature. They are an abstract way to measure the capacity to go beyond mortal limits — they do not literally reflect mental capacity, stress, intelligence, or anything else, though all of these things may be rolled into them.

MP is used by every FFZ character to activate their Job Abilities. This is true even if their abilities are not magickal in any way, as the character taps into a bit of the supernatural in order to harnass the heroic power needed. MP represent the idea that this heroic pool has a limit that cannot be pushed beyond, at least not in a short time span.

MP, like HP, is healed after every encounter (or group of encounters).

Losing and Restoring MP

Certain effects in FFZ will damage your MP, just as they would your HP. However, it is more common for characters to elect to loose MP in exchange for using some powerful ability. A character without MP is reduced to basic physical attacks which, while not useless, certainly lack the effectiveness of higher-level abilities.

Restoring MP is a kind of healing. MP is generally more difficult to restore than HP is to recover, mostly due to the fact that running out of MP isn't fatal, merely inconvenient.

Maximum and Minimum MP

Your Maximum Magick Points value is a total that your current MP cannot exceed. Your job grants you a maximum MP value when you take it,a nd the value increases with level. Anything (typically healing) that would increase your MP above this value is ignored once it reaches this value.

The minimum MP that any creature can reach is 0. If you do not have enough MP left to fully pay for an ability, you can't use that ability. If you take MP damage, it can reduce your MP to 0, with an excess damage being ignored. There is no such thing as "negative MP" in FFZ. If your MP total reaches 0, nothing special happens above and beyond the fact that you probably can't afford to use any special abilities. This isn't instantly fatal, but a party rarely survives long without special abilities to back it up, especially if the enemies are still going strong.

MP Values

MP shares equal values with HP: At first level, a character is given either 10, 15, or 20 MP. To this they add their Charisma score. The characters then gain 5 MP per level. More magickal, wizard-like jobs tend to have higher MP than physical, brawny jobs.

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