Yellow Gem (Earth)
Amber = A golden, smooth jewel, sometimes with living things inside; very aromatic when burned; can produce an electric charge when rubbed. Said to contain a beast's soul.
Beryl = A gemstone sacred to the Earth; when struck with light, it radiates its own golden glow.
Topaz = Brilliant yellow jewel; the shape of a human heart, it fills its owner with bloodlust, yet is considered the "stone of friendship."

Green Gem (Wind)
Peridot = Yellow-green jewel that smells like the forest
Malachite = Rock with circles of green, said to have the breath of the phoenix in it
Emerald = Green jewel blessed by a saint; licked to reveal the future

Blue Gem (Water)
Lapis Lazuli = Bright blue stone sacred to a moon goddess; said to prevent nightmares.
Aquamarine = very clear light blue crystal sacred to gods of the sea; able to purify poison and used in rain dances
Sapphire = Dark blue jewel said to be a piece of fallen sky.

Red Gem (Fire)
Garnet = Orange-red jewel named after a saint; said to prevent bad luck.
Spinel = Red gem resembling a dragon, venerated by warriors as a symbol of strength
Ruby = Deep red jewel associated with healing and blood; said to be the eye of a fire god.

Mythril = Silvery metal high in magick used in weapons, armors, and by engineers.
Orichalcum = Golden metal with a dark indigo cast, used in hourglasses and high-quality weapons.
Adamant = Black metal that is the hardest substance in existence.
Silver (Pink, White, Pure) = A sparkling metal associated with ice and cold, the moon, and the dawn. In pure form, it is transparent, and used to make airship windows.
Gold (Pink, White, Pure) = A glittering metal associated with warmth, fire, the sun, and the evening. In pure form, it mints gil.
Damascus Steel = A legendary metal that is said to contain victory within it, and keeps a keen edge.
Scarletite = A red metal containing the blood of gods
Zodiac = A metal that glitters in a rainbow of colors, said to be what the gods are made of.
Everburn = A metal that contains undying flame in the matrix.

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