Level Up


In FFZ, you will gain a special kind of reward called a "level" about once every 3-4 sessions, generally. Levels improve your character's abilities, and teach them new things.

Character Level

When you gain a Character Level, your character becomes a greater hero, unleashing more of their raw might on the world. All character levels are the same, and each one gives you the following bonuses:

  • A +5 bonus to HP, as your character becomes tougher.
  • A +5 bonus to MP, as your character's power grows.
  • A +1 bonus to Weapon Power, as your ability to fight grows.
  • A +1 bonus to Spell Power, as your refinement with magic increases.
  • A +1 bonus to Speed, as you increase your reflexes.
  • A +1 bonus to Luck, as the fate favors you more.
  • One feat, as you learn something a little new.

On average, you will gain 10 of these levels in a year-long FFZ campaign.


As you gain levels, you will enter new classes of abilities.

Level 5

When you gain Level 5, in addition to your other abilities, you gain a Sub-Job.

Level 8

When you gain Level 8, in addition to your other abilities, you gain an Advanced Job.

Epic Level

When you would normally gain a level after level 10, you instead ascend to Epic Level.

Sidebar: Average Level

Most characters will increase their level once per month. In a normal year-long campaign, that means that they'll be level 12 by the end of the campaign.

There is no hard limit on the amount of character levels a character can gain, but there is a practical limit. The biggest concern for a GM, when planning out their campaign arc, is that a higher CL means less randomness in the die rolls, which means a more predictable, more binary, and usually less entertaining game. Because the maximum Power rolls are 1d12, a character of level 12 will essentially double his natural power. If you increase the CL's to, say, 24, then most of a character's force is coming from their inherent power, not a die roll. As the levels increase, the rolls matter less and less, and the game degenerates quickly into simple math: whoever has the bigger numbers wins, every time. The randomness in FFZ is part of the fun, usually, and a very high character level will weaken randomness.

Job Levels

When you gain a Job Level, you can increase the level of any job you currently have, or any job next to your current job on the Job Cycle. When you increase the level of a job, your character gains access to more powerful abilities from that job.

Sidebar: Character Levels vs. Job Levels

The two kinds of levels only overlap in one place: you cannot have any job with a Job Level greater than your Character Level.

Theoretically, you could have a level 12 character with only 1 job level. Such a character might cast a mighty version of the Fire spell as a wizard, but would be unable to do much more. You could also have a character with 10 different Job levels spread out in 10 different jobs, but only be Character Level 1. This character would have great versatility, but they would lack raw power, being only able to use the level one ability in any of her jobs.

Most normally, Character Levels and Job Levels remain pretty close to each other. Job Levels might exceed Character Levels, due to GM awards, but usually Character Levels don't exceed Job Levels (mostly due to pacing). Extra Job Levels mostly improve character versatility, allowing them to gain more unique abilities, while extra Character Levels improve raw power, the ability to take and receive damage.

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