Learn challenges typically involve finding or revealing an object, a creature, or a piece of information. Learn challenges can even be broadened to include any application of PC knowledge or skill, including performing rituals, working at a profession, or crafting an object.


  • Your party lacks knowledge about the Goblin Wall, and they undertake research to discover more about it.
  • Your party is tracking an escaped thief through the streets of a busy city.
  • Your party is creating a grand artifact or great machine, capable of doing something significant.
  • Your party must solve a puzzle posed to them by the Doom Wall before it crushes them all.
  • Your party must learn in a hurry how to sail this ship that the captain suddenly abandoned.

Challenge Flow

At the start of the challenge, the party determines what they want to learn, and the GM declares that learning this information requires a Learn Challenge. At that point, the entire party attempts to work toward finding out the information, using their Learn skills to achieve victory.

Victory and Failure

Each individual success in a Learn Challenge brings you closer to the information you seek. It may point you to the last person who saw the object, then to the place where that person lost the object, then to the creature that picked up the object, and finally to the creature's lair, where the object lies with the other awards.

Victory in a Learn challenge means that you acquire the information you sought. That information might not be what you expected, and it may have flaws — it may be incomplete, or inaccurate — but you will have that knowledge.

Each loss in a Learn Challenge wastes more time as your attempted strategies fail, one after another, and the information slips between your fingers for now.

Total failure in a Learn challenge means that the party does not gain the information they were seeking, having wasted their time looking for it. The party will never know the information they sought, though they may still accomplish their goals without the information. Total failure generally only costs time, but time is rarely infinite.

The Learn Check

Roll your skill, and compare it to the Difficulty of the Learn Challenge. If you beat the Difficulty, you gain one success. If you don't, you gain one loss, and suffer the Hazard. When the number of your successes meets the Requirements for the challenge, you achieve victory. If the number of your losses ever rises above the Threshold for the challenge, you fail.

Skill Abilities

Instead of making a Learn Check, you could also use one of your Skill Abilities to have a certain outcome result. Skill Abilities may add successes or reduce Requirements, subtract failures or increase the Threshold, add to future Learn checks, or lower the Difficulty, depending on the ability used. Skill Abilities do not require Learn Checks: their effects are automatic, when you decide to use them.


The party has decided to hunt the Elite Mark Shinryu, and would like to find out if the creature has any weaknesses. The GM has decided since this is an Elite Mark, this should be one of the most difficult Learn Checks in the campaign.

The Weaknesses of Shinryu
Difficulty: 35 Requirement: 10 Threshold: 5
Hazard: Each failure subjects the party to an attack lead by a Level 12 Elite Dragon; total failure causes 4 to attack at once
Progress: The party approaches the legendary Sage of Dragons, who is well-hidden. Each check leads them to a new Dragoon who claims to tell the party the true location of the Sage, but instead tells them where another Dragoon can be found. Eventually, they trace the Sage to his hideout, where he has been hiding ever since first challenging Shinryu in combat and losing. He has researched the dragon since that day, and has had nine students (the nine previous successes) that have all failed to rise to his expectations. Having heard of the party's exploits, he tells the party the information they wish to know, hoping they can finally kill the beast.
Victory: The party learns that Shinryu is weak against mental status ailments, such as Sleep and Berserk, and that, as a dragon, Shinryu is also weak against attacks that deal extra damage to dragons.
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