Items in Final Fantasy Zero serve as something of a baseline of character power. They provide access to a diversity of basic game effects, such as ailments, healing, and elemental damage, enabling characters not otherwise equipped with these resources to access them just the same. Items tend to be significantly less powerful than abilities of a given level, but one category of items, the Elixirs, intentionally eclipses all other items. The difference with these Elixirs is that they are not sold in common item shops, and so are in the GM's hands to award or not.

The items listed below are not exhaustive; they are rather instead a skeleton that gives you guidelines to help you design your own. Items are Tools, and have their own Battle Power, making their effects fairly static (when not in the hands of an Alchemist, anyway).

The "Use Item" Ability

All characters have the ability to use items in their posession, using the following ability:

Use Item
Charge Time 5
Select an item from your inventory, and use it.

Shared Inventory

It is assumed that you share your inventory with other characters. During combat, items are passed around, relocated, dropped, picked up, and shuffled through the party members, and using a shared inventory like that found in most FF games means that everyone has access to all items at once, including pieces of equipment found, but not equipped. Because this is a resource you share with other people in the party, it is generally best to announce your intention to use an item before you go ahead and use it, so that you may coordinate your strategies with your party members.

Item List

Levels 1-4
Antidote Removes Poison
Eye Drops Removes Umbra
Smelling Salts Removes Confusion
Potions & Ethers
Potion Heals 10 HP
Ether Recovers 10 MP
Grenades & Elementals
Grenade Deals 10 physical damage
Bomb Fragment Deals 10 fire damage
Wrath of Zeus Deals 10 lightning damage
Arctic Wind Deals 10 ice damage
Levels 5-7
Cornucopia Removes Mini
Echo Herbs Removes Seal
Bandage Removes Disable and Immobilize
Potions & Ethers
Hi-Potion Heals 15 HP
Ether Dry Recovers 15 MP
Grenades & Elementals
Potato Masher Deals 15 physical damage
Bomb Core Deals 15 fire damage
Wrath of the Gods Deals 15 lightning damage
Antarctic Wind Deals 15 ice damage
Levels 8-10
Maiden's Kiss Removes Frog
Phoenix Down Removes KO
Chronos Tear Removes Stop & Slow
Golden Needle Removed Petrify
Holy Water Removes Zombie
Potions & Ethers
X-Potion Heals 20 HP
Turbo Ether Recovers 20 MP
Grenades & Elementals
Pineapple Bomb Deals 20 physical damage
Earth Bell Deals 10 earth damage to all enemies
Elixir Restores all HP and MP
Remedy Removes all ailments
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