Hit Points


Hit Points (appreviated HP), one of two types of points in Final Fantasy Zero, are the measure of any creature's staying power in combat. They are an abstract way to measure endurance — they do not literally reflect health, life, luck, or anything else, though all of these things may be rolled into them.

HP, like MP, are always short term — because you heal after every encounter (or group of encounters), HP do not measure how well you hold up to repeated attrition except in each individual combat. This is also why running out of HP is not necessarily fatal, though it does result in possibly fatal consequences.

Losing and Recovering HP

Any time you take damage, it subtracts from your current HP total. More often than not, combats are decided based on which team gets to 0 hp first —that team looses. There are, of course, many ways to prevent HP loss, including increasing your Defenses, gaining positive Statuses, and moving to the back row.

Occasionally, there are abilities that consume HP from the user in order to activate them. Damage from these abilities cannot be lessened or negated in any way — the only way to prevent HP loss from those abilities is to not use those abilities.

Recovering HP is a kind of healing. Many items, abilities, and commands recover HP.

Crisis and KO

A character is in Crisis when their current HP is 1/4 or less of their Maximum HP. Being in crisis is very dangerous, and essentially means that the next attack or two will deplete the rest of your HP, leaving you unconscious.

When you first drop into Crisis in each combat, you gain a Crisis Level (sometimes called a Limit Point or LP). When you have 3 Crisis Levels, and are in Crisis status, you can unleash your Limit.

When any character gets to 0 hp, that character is considered "KO'd." KO'd characters cannot take any action, though the player can choose the effect their character's fainting has on the character's allies and enemies (and the player can change that effect each round, if they desire).

When you are KO'd you can award a +2 bonus to any ally's Weapon Power, Spell Power, Stamina, Willpower, Speed, or Luck. You can change the target ally and the statistic you increase every round on your turn. This represents you advising your allies from beyond, inspiring them to greater and greater actions.

If all characters in your party are KO'd, you are reincarnated at your most recent Safe Crystal location, assuming the Safe Crystal is still intact. Your enemies also react to your failed assault, though you might be able to stop them later…

Maximum and Minimum HP

Your Maximum Hit Points value is a total that your HP cannot exceed. Your job grants you a maximum HP value when you take it, and the value increases with level. Anything (typically healing) that would increase your HP over and above this value is ignored once it reaches this value.

The minimum HP that any creature can reach is 0. Anything (typically damage) that would decrease your HP below 0 is ignored once your HP reach 0. There is no such thing as "negative hit points" in FFZ. If your HP total reaches 0, you are KO'd — rendered unconcious. This usually doesn't mean you are dead, but you are close enough to death that you cannot come back from the brink without help.

Hit Point Values

At first level, you are assigned a HP value of either 15, 20, or 25. To this, you add your Constitution score. Every character gains 5 HP per level. Stronger, tougher jobs tend to have higher HP than cloistered, magick-using jobs.

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