Hide challenges typically involve obscuring information, or your own presence, from those who want to see you. It can also involve lying, deception, and general trickery.


  • Your party needs to sneak, unnoticed, behind enemy lines.
  • Your party makes a quick escape, trying to cover evidence of their flight so that they are not followed.
  • Your party discusses battle plans, and needs to protect the meeting room against observers.
  • Your party must pretend to be a soldier in the enemy's army.
  • Your party wants to keep an ancient evil ritual from being discovered.

Challenge Flow

At the start of the challenge, the party determines what they want to hide, and the GM declares that hiding it requires a Hide Challenge. At that point, the entire party attempts to conceal the item or idea, helping each other, and using their Hide skills to achieve victory.

Victory and Failure

Each individual success in a Hide Challenge avoids some detection method. Perhaps it erases records from the Official Record Books, or it keeps enemies from hearing your soft footfalls.

Victory in a Hide challenge means that you keep the information hidden. People might look for it, but they probably won't find it, and you can get away undetected.

Each loss in a Hide Challenge wastes time, effort, and gil as you try to obscure information too late, and get noticed anyway. Perhaps you are noticed as you step on a twig outside of your enemy's camp, or you speak the wrong pass-phrase at the door.

Total failure in a Hide challenge means that the party is seen, and the information is revealed. This probably has unfortunate consequences for the party, from a simple combat, to possible public ramifications, to villains discovering things you wish were hidden…

The Hide Check

Roll your skill, and compare it to the Difficulty of the Hide Challenge. If you beat the Difficulty, you gain one success. If you don't, you gain one loss, and suffer the Hazard. When the number of your successes meets the Requirements for the challenge, you achieve victory. If the number of your losses ever rises above the Threshold for the challenge, you fail.

Skill Abilities

Instead of making a Hide Check, you could also use one of your Skill Abilities to have a certain outcome result. Skill Abilities may add successes or reduce Requirements, subtract failures or increase the Threshold, add to future Learn checks, or lower the Difficulty, depending on the ability used. Skill Abilities do not require Hide Checks: their effects are automatic, when you decide to use them.


The party is creeping through old ruins, trying to remain silent to avoid detection by the ghostly spirits that dwell there. The spirits are high level, so the difficulty is fairly high.

Sneaking Through the Ruins
Difficulty: 27 Requirement: 5 Threshold: 2
Hazard: Each failure subjects the party to an attack by ghosts. If the PC's die in combat, the challenge is automatically failed. Total failure alerts the entire ruins to the PC's presence.
Progress: The party remains hidden from sight, as they pass eerily floating specters and moving skeletons.
Victory: The party reaches the heart of the ruins without being detected, and can grab the Book of the Dead and flee without anyone noticing.
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