AKA: Fusilier, Sniper, Cannoneer, Flintlock


When you take the Gunner job, you are gaining the talents of a rapid-fire back-row job. Gunners are keen-sighted and able to execute many attacks. They are versatile, special-situation attackers, though their weapons tend to limit their ultimate destructive power, and they tend to be lightly armored. Gunners are mostly a direct-damage job, but are more like mages in that they execute this damage from the back row.

Playing a Gunner

#1: Blast Through Defenses

You have an array of powers that are handy for dealing with high-Stamina enemies, either through your Spell Shot or Status Shot powers (which are magical, and so target Willpower), or directly through your Piercing Shot powers. In this respect, though you use mostly physical weapons, you perform a lot like a spellcasting job, and you will be able to hit similar kinds of targets easily: big, physically defensive creatures (like those in heavy armor) will be your main victims.

#2: Rapid Fire

Because you don't have to charge most of your attacks, and most of your attacks have a small delay time, you can chain several of them together at once, to do tremendous spike damage, or you can parse this damage out over time, spraying low damage continuously.

#3: Accuracy

A big part of being a Gunner is to be able to find the chink in the armor of your enemies. To that end, you can remove miss chances, and negate some of your opponent's dodge chances, as well as being able to target groups of enemies. You are the best job at hitting those tough-to-hit enemies, so if your friends seem to be having trouble nailing down the dodging pixie, or piercing the armor of the adamantoise, it's your job to rise to the occasion.

Gunner Base Statistics

Base Stats
HP 20
MP 20
Weapon 1d10
Spell 1d6
+1 Speed, +1 Luck
Weapon Guns
Armor Light
Skill Reflexes
Job Tree Freelancer or Soldier

When picking a tribe or archetype, keep the following in mind:

  • Vigor is not very useful for you. The front row is not your home, and your main weapon ignores your Vigor.
  • Agility is useful for you, as it will help you sequence together more attacks, and act earlier in combat. Because of your ability to pierce defenses, you should rip off as many attacks as soon as possible.
  • Vitality is, along with Vigor, almost useless for you. You are not a character who dwells in the front row.
  • Intelligence can be useful for you, if you wish to pump up the spell power of your magic bullets. However, because of your ability to switch easily between magical and physical attacks, Intelligence is not essential. It can be useful, but lacking it won't hurt you too much.
  • Mind is useful for you, since magical attacks will be the attacks you need to defend against the most, as a back-row damage-dealer.
  • Spirit can be quite useful for you in both achieving critical hits, and in throwing off statuses that might handicap your damage-dealing potential.

Recommended Archetypes/Tribes:

Gunner Combat Menu

Guns Prime
Defend Sighting
Gunplay Ungarmax
Use Item Change Equipment
Change Row Action Ability

Gunner Base Abilities

These are the abilities you have when Gunner is set as your primary job.

Base Abilities
Attack Prime Attack Action Instead of attacking, you add +5 damage to your next attack.
Defense Sighting Defend Action You remove Umbra from a character afflicted with it.
Trait Accuracy Trait You can ignore up to 10 points of Evade for the targets of your attacks.
Limit Ungarmax 3 Limit Points You can make 16 attacks, each attack dealing normal damage.


The job abilities of Gunners are called, in general, "Gunplay." Characters taking Gunner as a sub-job can choose one of the four Gunplay skill sets to use.

Status Shot Damages and inflicts ailments.
Piercing Shot Damages while ignoring Stamina.
Spell Shot Deals elemental damage (with various traits).
Multi-Shot Deals damage to all enemies.

Gunplay: Status Shot

Gunners first learn to disable their enemies with trick shots.

Status Shot
Level 1 Leg Aim 5 MP, Delay 2 Deals Half Spell Power damage and inflicts Immobilize.
Level 5 Arm Aim 15 MP, Delay 2 Deals Spell Power damage and inflicts Disable.
Level 9 Chrono Bullet 25 MP, Delay 2 Deals Double Spell Power damage and inflicts Stop.

Gunplay: Piercing Shot

Bullets carry a lot of piercing power, overcoming enemy defenses.

Piercing Shot
Level 2 Potshot 7 MP, Delay 1 Deals Half Weapon Power damage and ignores any Evade rating the target has.
Level 6 Tableturner 17 MP, Delay 1 Deals Weapon Power damage, and adds the target's Stamina to the damage.
Level 10 Cheap Shot 27 MP, Delay 1 Deals Double Weapon Power damage and ignores the target's Stamina.

Gunplay: Spell Shot

Combining your attacks with magic enables you to channel some portion of a wizard's destructive power.

Spell Shot
Level 3 Fire Shot 7 MP, Delay 2 Deals Spell Power Fire damage.
Level 7 Ice Shot 19 MP, Delay 0 Deals Double Spell Power ice damage.
Level 11 Bolt Shot 29 MP, Delay 2 Deals Triple Spell Power thunder damage, and ignores Willpower.

Gunplay: Multi-Shot

Gunners can fire a hail of bullets rather than just one at a time.

Level 4 Buckshot 11 MP, Delay 3 Deals Half Weapon Power damage to all enemies.
Level 8 Scattershot 21 MP, Delay 3 Deals Weapon Power damage to all enemies.
Level 12 Scatterburst 31 MP, Delay 3 Deals Double Weapon Power damage to all enemies.

Level Summary

Level 1 Leg Aim
Level 2 Potshot
Level 3 Fire Shot
Level 4 Buckshot
Level 5 Arm Aim
Level 6 Tableturner
Level 7 Ice Shot
Level 8 Scattershot
Level 9 Chrono Bullet
Level 10 Cheap Shot
Level 11 Bult Shot
Level 12 Scatterburst

Gunner Elite Abilities

After level 12, you may gain the opportunity to take some Elite powers. You must have 12 levels of Gunner, and have Gunner as your base job to use these powers.

Open Fire

The Elite Status Shot ability inflicts several ailments at once.

Open Fire 37 MP, Delay 3 Inflicts Umbra, Confuse, and Seal

Burst Shot

The Elite Piercing Shot ability deals tremendous damage that cannot be overcome through normal means.

Burst Shot 37 MP, Delay 3 Deals Triple Weapon Power damage and ignores the target's Stamina.

Enchanted Ammo

The Elite Spell Shot ability deals damage with raw magical force.

Enchanted Ammo 35 MP, Delay 1 Deals Triple Spell Power non-elemental damage and ignores Willpower.

Bullet Hell

The Elite Multi-Shot ability threatens all enemies.

Bullet Hell 37 MP, Delay 3 Deals Triple Weapon Power damage to all enemies.

Gunner Feats

To gain any of these feats, you must have the prerequisite number of levels in Gunner. Gunner feats enhance or alter Gunner abilities, and govern quick, accurate attacks, matching the themes of the Gunner job.

Feat: Shadow Master

This feat trades extra shadow damage for taking a bit more damage when hit with Holy energy.

Shadow Master
Prerequisite: Wizard level 5 Option
You gain +5 damage on your Shadow-elemental damage. You also gain Holy Vulnerability.

Feat: MP +10%

This feat increases your MP pool by a bit.

MP +10%
Prerequisite: Wizard level 1 Boost
Your maximum MP increases by 10% of what it was before you took this feat.

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