Guard challenges involve defending a location against encroaching forces.


  • Your party must defend a castle in a siege.
  • Your party must protect the Child of Destiny as forces approach her.
  • Your party wants to set up a series of traps to defend their home fortress against attack.
  • Your party has tricked the enemies into a corner, and wants to make escape difficult for them.
  • Your party wants to stop the zombie army before they reach town.

Challenge Flow

At the start of the challenge, the party determines what they want to guard, and the GM declares that defending it requires a Guard Challenge. At that point, the entire party attempts to stop the movement of the enemies, using their Guard skills to achieve victory.

Victory and Failure

Each individual success in a Guard Challenge defends a front. Perhaps one group of zombies is chased off, or a trap successfully keeps enemy forces at bay.

Victory in a Guard challenge means that you defend your location. You are safe, and your enemies cannot reach you here.

Each loss in a Guard Challenge exposes the thing you are guarding to assault, perhaps hurting it, perhaps just allowing an enemy in.

Total failure in a Guard challenge means you fail to prevent the enemies from advancing entirely. Your defenses collapse, and you are overrun — the enemies reach their goal.

The Guard Check

Roll your skill, and compare it to the Difficulty of the Guard Challenge. If you beat the Difficulty, you gain one success. If you don't, you gain one loss, and suffer the Hazard. When the number of your successes meets the Requirements for the challenge, you achieve victory. If the number of your losses ever rises above the Threshold for the challenge, you fail.

Skill Abilities

Instead of making a Guard Check, you could also use one of your Skill Abilities to have a certain outcome result. Skill Abilities may add successes or reduce Requirements, subtract failures or increase the Threshold, add to future Guard checks, or lower the Difficulty, depending on the ability used. Skill Abilities do not require Guard Checks: their effects are automatic, when you decide to use them.


The party must protect a chocobo's egg against bandits who want to take it. This is a fairly low-level challenge.

Defend the Egg!
Difficulty: 17 Requirement: 6 Threshold: 3
Hazard: Each failure means the egg is being absconded with, though it is not gone yet. Total failure means the egg has been taken.
Progress: Each wave of enemies the party pushes back is a success.
Victory: The enemies are beaten back and the party has defended the egg.
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