Gil is the monetary denomination of the Final Fantasy Zero game.

Gil is an abstracted form of currency — it is universally accepted, unaffected by economics, and, ultimately, more of a game construct than a world construct.

As a game construct, gil is one of your character's resources for acquiring new things. Gil can be used to buy items or equipment to synth new items and equipment, to acquire training to spend your AP, to sleep at an inn, or even for triggering sidequests. The more gil your character has, the more you can get.

Like with items, gil is considered a party resource: when you buy something, you should clear it with the party first.

Gil may be had through slaying monsters, but more often the monsters will drop loot, which can then be used in synthesis, or sold for gil. Gil also comes from selling treasure you may find — locating weapon that none of your characters use might turn it into gil that anyone can use.

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