AKA: Red Mage, Red Wizard


Training as a Freelancer gives your character an array of powers that balance between magickal and physical power. You use spells, but you do not sacrifice your physical power for them. Freelancers use both attack magic and healing magic, being supremely adaptable. They are generally front-line fighters, though their magical talents make them effective at any distance, and filling a wide variety of roles.

Playing a Freelancer

#1: Find a Position

Versatility is one of your big bonuses as a Freelancer, and you should find an area that your party needs some help in, and fill it. This might change over time, and with different party members, so your position can change, too. In a reckless party, perhaps you will need to play healer more often; in a mostly physical party, perhaps you will be an attacker more often.

#2: Hold a Position

While you can vary greatly between your roles, as needed, when you find a role, you should try and stick with it. Changing your action and position every round can be confusing for a party who is trying to work around you and use your abilities to the broadest. Don't bother using an Ice spell if your party is dealing significant magickal damage, even if you just haven't used an Ice spell in very long.

#3: Dogpile

When you find an enemy with a particular weakness (such as a fire-elemental enemy, or an undead enemy), you should team up with your already-advantaged party members to bring them down faster. If your target is vulnerable to physical attacks, and most of your party is capable of physical attacks, you can still hit with physical attacks. The sooner your target drops, the less other stuff you'll need to do.

Freelancer Base Statistics

Base Stats
HP 20
MP 20
Weapon 1d8
Spell 1d8
+1 Speed, +1 Luck
Weapon Swords
Armor Light
Skill Persuade
Job Tree Fencer or Gunner

When picking a tribe or archetype, keep the following in mind:

  • Vigor can be useful for you if you plan on using physical attacks often. However, most of your abilities are spells, so it is only of use for your basic attack.
  • Agility is quite useful for you. Adaptability demands the ability to respond to a changing battlefield, and a high Agility will allow you to do that more quickly.
  • Vitality can be useful for you, if you stay in the front row. However, because most of your abilities are spells, your front row time may be limited to times when you wish to use a basic attack.
  • Intelligence is very useful for pumping up the Spell Power of your damaging and healing spells. Your default Spell Power is merely mid-tier, so help in this area will enable you to better substitute for another job.
  • Mind can be useful if you spend a lot of your time in the Back Row. You may do this, since many of your abilities are spells. However, spells are just as effective in the front row, and if your enemies are magical, taking the front row may do you more good.
  • Spirit is more useful for you than it may be for others. Critical hits will help keep your physical blows in check, and using your Luck pool defensively helps to keep you able to respond to any problems that crop up.

Recommended Archetypes/Tribes:

Freelancer Combat Menu

Swords Refresh
Defend Mana Shield
Red Magic
Red Magic X-Magic
Use Item Change Equipment
Change Row Action Ability

Freelancer Base Abilities

These are the abilities you have when Freelancer is set as your primary job.

Base Abilities
Attack Refresh Attack Action Instead of attacking, you recover (Spell Power) MP.
Defense Mana Shield Defend Action Until your next turn, if you are hit, you loose MP instead of HP.
Trait Fast Cast Trait The Charge time on all Red Magic abilities is reduced by 2.
Limit X-Magic 3 Limit Points You cast four spells, each at Quadruple Spell Power.

Red Magic

The job abilities of Freelancers are called, in general, "Red Magicks." Characters taking Freelancer as a sub-job can choose one of the four Red Magic skill sets to use.

Red Magic
Cure Heals allies and harms undead creatures.
Fire Deal fire damage (low MP cost).
Blizzard Deal ice damage (low charge time).
Barrier Use protective spells such as Protect and Shell.

Red Magick: Cure

Cure is a basic HP-restoring spell. Because it is considered Holy-elemental, it reverses against Undead, dealing damage instead of healing hit points.

Level 1 Cure 5 MP, Charge 3, Holy Heals Spell Power hit points.
Level 5 Cura 15 MP, Charge 3, Holy Heals Double Spell Power hit points.
Level 9 Curaga 25 MP, Charge 3, Holy Heals Triple Spell Power hit points

Red Magick: Fire

The most basic of spells, Fire simply burns things. Fire has a lower MP cost than most spells of its level, making it an efficient way of dealing magic damage.

Level 2 Fire 5 MP, Charge 3 Deals Spell Power fire damage.
Level 6 Fira 15 MP, Charge 3 Deals Double Spell Power fire damage.
Level 10 Firaga 25 MP, Charge 3 Deals Triple Spell Power fire damage

Red Magick: Blizzard

Blizzard uses magical energy to freeze things, the other side of the Fire coin. Blizzard has a low charge time in comparison to most spells, making it useful for preserving your speed.

Level 3 Blizzard 9 MP, Charge 1 Deals Spell Power ice damage.
Level 7 Blizzara 19 MP, Charge 1 Deals Double Spell Power ice damage.
Level 11 Blizzaga 29 MP, Charge 1 Deals Triple Spell Power ice damage

Red Magick: Barrier

Barrier grants you two spells at each level that you increase it. Barrier helps your party members resist damage from weapons and spells. At the highest level, it removes ailments that have been bestowed, as well.

Level 4 Protect/
11 MP, Charge 4 Bestows Protect or Shell status.
Level 8 Protectra/
21 MP, Charge 4 Bestows Protect or Shell status on the party.
Level 12 Esuna 31 MP, Charge 5 Removes all ailments from the target.

Level Summary

Level 1 Cure
Level 2 Fire
Level 3 Blizzard
Level 4 Protect/Shell
Level 5 Cura
Level 6 Fira
Level 7 Blizzara
Level 8 Protectra/Shellra
Level 9 Curaga
Level 10 Firaga
Level 11 Blizzaga
Level 12 Esuna

Freelancer Elite Abilities

After level 12, you may gain the opportunity to take some Elite powers. You must have 12 levels of Freelancer, and have Freelancer as your base job to use these powers.


The Elite Cure ability for Freelancers allows them to revive allies.

Raiseja Charge 5, 37 MP Revives all allies from KO to 1 hp.

Crimson Flare

This is the Elite Fire ability for Freelancers, which pierces magic defenses.

Crimson Flare Charge 5, 35 MP Deals Triple Spell Power non-elemental damage, and ignores Willpower.


This is the Elite Blizzard ability for Freelancers, dealing tremendous damage to a single target and weakening them for the rest of combat.

Frost Charge 3, 37 MP Deals Triple Spell Power non-elemental damage and inflicts Slow and Poison


This is the Elite Barrier ability for Freelancers, allowing you to bestow the most powerful defenses on your allies.

Reflect Charge 5, 37 MP Bestows Reflect status.

Freelancer Feats

To gain any of these feats, you must have the prerequisite number of levels in Freelancer. Freelancer feats enhance or alter Freelancer abilities, and govern general magic tricks, fast casting, and jack-of-all-trades style, matching the themes of the Freelancer job.

Feat: Learn From Exposure

Freelancers can learn blue magic by watching, rather than by getting hit.

Learn from Exposure
Prerequisite: Learn from Experience, Freelancer level 1 Trait
When an enemy uses a blue magic spell while you are not KO'd, you learn it.

Feat: Replenish

Freelancers gain some ability to restore magic and health, if they wish.

Prerequisite: Freelancer level 1 Ability
The target regains 5% of their maximum HP and MP on their turn.

Feat: Dual Cast

Freelancers can tone down their limit for more frequent use.

Dual Cast
Prerequisite: Freelancer level 9 Ability
Spend 1 Limit Point. You can use two spells in a row, one right after the other. You must pay the costs of these spells normally.

Feat: Copycat

Freelancers can instantly grasp almost any ability.

Prerequisite: Freelancer level 12 Ability
Spend 1 Limit Point, and take a Delay of 5. You perform the last action performed by an ally, using the exact same statistics they used (for instance, you use their Weapon or Spell power). You do not have to pay any cost that the original ability had.

Feat: Sage's Recall

Tapping the knowledge of the best sages, a Freelancer can exceed their normal spellcasting abilities.

Sage's Recall
Prerequisite: Freelancer level 12 Ability
When you use this ability, you may cast a random high-level black magic spell. Roll 1d4. 1 = Firaga, 2 = Blizzaga, 3 = Thundaga, 4 = Death. You must pay the normal costs of the spell.
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