In Final Fantasy Zero, your equipment will give you support abilities. This may range from basic bonuses to statistics, up to special abilities and statuses that cannot be otherwise gained.

Each FFZ character can equip three pieces of equipment: one weapon, one suit of armor, and one accessory. Every job gains basic proficiency in one type of weapon, and one type of armor. Accessories can be equipped by any character.

Weapons change your basic Attack qualities, and add to your Accuracy, Weapon Power, Casting, or Magick Power. For instance, the Flametongue sword gives your attacks the Fire elemental property, and adds to your statistics.

Armor changes your basic Defense qualities, and add to your Evasion, Stamina, Nullify, or Willpower. For instance, the ice armor gives you the Ice Eater property, and adds to your statistics.

Accessories give you support abilities. For instance, the Silver Spectacles give you the Blindproof support ability.

Equipment and Items

The things you equip are considered "items" as well, and can be selected and used like items with the Use Item ability. Some equipment has a special "Use" effect, such as a spell that activates on use, and some equipment is destroyed by the use. You can use anything you are equipped with, or any item that is not equipped by anyone (and thus still in the shared inventory). You can also change equipment in the middle of combat by using the Change Equipment ability (all characters possess this ability).

Change Equipment
Charge 1
Select an item from your inventory, and equip it.
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