When your HP reaches 0, you start to become at risk of dying.

Don't panic too much. True, irrevocable, game-over dying in FFZ is fairly rare. It is entirely possible, but since it's hard to tell a story about a corpse, that sort of permenant death is avoided unless it's for a specifically dramatic purpose (and even then you often get some sort of payoff for it).

It is possible to loose in less permenant ways, however. Much like in the games, you will restore to a previous "save point" and try again. However, unlike in the games, your enemies are aware of your previous attempt, and can adapt their strategy — your loss has a real ramification the moment it comes into effect, and your next onslaught will be more difficult.

But let's start at the beginning: when the first signs of death are on the horizon:

Being KO'd

Though "KO" is included in the ailment list, it's not quite on the same level as berserk or poison, in that it can be triggered by something that doesn't expressly inflict it. A character is KO'd when they hit 0 hp, period. Being KO'd means you are unconscious, overloaded, unable to defend yourself, and at the complete mercy of others on the battlefield — you can no longer operate under your own power. You are not dead yet, only mostly dead, but if you're just left there, chances are that you would really totally dead in a few minutes.

There is no "negative HP" in FFZ, so once you hit 0 hp, you stop loosing hp.

If you are KO'd, the worst thing that happens is that you can no longer directly participate in the battle. You probably don't want to leave the table, however, as effects that can restore you from KO (such as the famous phoenix down) are quite common, even if they are very pricey. Chances are you'll be on your feet in the next round or two, because a party that is down one member is usually quickly on the loosing side of the combat — having bodies up and active is the best way to win (or at least to not loose).

Even if your party doesn't have a reviving item, however, its still only a matter of time before you're raised — the Safe Crystals of the world are only too happy to restore consciousness to the KO'd.


If only a few of your allies are
KO'd at any one point in time, you might still be OK — other than the cost in time and gil for reviving you, there isn't much of a cost. Maybe you'll get teased by party members who played their defenses a little better, learn from the experience, and adapt to your next challenge.

When your entire party is KO'd, however — when there are no friendly faces left to revive you — your party is "Annihilated."

Second Chance!

Being annihilated sounds pretty dire, and it is, but you still have a chance or two to pull a success out of a failure. If your party is annihilated, you basically are subject to the GM's whim. Mostly, however, you can rely on being revived, either back at your most recent Safe Crystal, or in some other, perhaps more dire, situation the GM wants to inflict.

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