In Final Fantasy Zero, when an enemy attacks you, you resis their onslaught with your defensive abilities, which lessen the damage you take.

Passive Defense

Usually, your defenses are passive — you don't need to do anything special to activate them, and they come into play automatically when you are attacked. Your Armor gives you a Defense Mode that happens whenever you are attacked.


Stamina lowers your physical damage. It is equal to your Level + your Vitality.


Mind lowers your magical damage. It is equal to your Level + your Spirit.


You can choose to Defend as your action for your round. If you do, you take half damage until your next turn, and recover some Speed (Agi + Level), HP (Vit + Level), and MP (Spt + Level).


Your HP is your first line of passive defense. When they fall to 0, you can no longer take actions, but until then, you can continue to fight.


Blessings are enhancements bestowed on you by allies. You automatically gain a blessing, and it lasts for one round, plus one round per point of Mind you have.

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