Calliope is a hume alchemist using the Techie archetype.


Calliope is very smart, and very proud of her intellect. She disdains those "idiots who don't think," and is able to quickly deduce the workings of even complex machinery based on her familiarity with physicks and engineering.


Calliope thinks she is too serious. She takes insults to heart, and rarely makes time to celebrate or enjoy herself. Because of this, she has a tendency to seek out the lazy and the life-loving as an antidote, though she rarely gets along well with them — they tend to agree that she is too serious.


Calliope's goal is "Independence." She wants to pursue her studies and her tools without any nosy interlopers getting in the way. She is likely to follow any path that leads to her being able to follow her own ideas, without being tied down to others.


Calliope desires independence because her father, a great craftsman, was killed by the Church in her homeland for "sacrilegious experiments." She wants to continue his work, and isn't interested in letting others get in the way.


Calliope has a little schoolgirl crush on Valdric. It's not very serious, but she is in awe of his power. She doesn't know much about him, however, so her idolization is mostly at a distance.


Calliope is annoyed by Lydia. She sees Lydia as a romantic rival for Valdric's attentions, and as someone who can be everything that Calliope could never be: courageous, strong, and religious. Calliope especially thinks Lydia is a fool for following the Church.

Support Characters

Calliope's cousin Bariyas keeps watch over her fledgling laboratory in her new town, serving as something of her lab assistant. He makes potions and sells them to keep the lab in working order for her. Bariyas is the son of her father's brother, who is still alive, but who disowned Calliope's family. Bariyas is rebelling against Calliope's uncle by siding with her.

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