"That fat speed that I love, that sensation, that's what I want. " — Picaboo Street


Boko is a chocobo spirit, a hero amongst the yellow-feathered steeds that inhabit the plains of the world. Boko is known to be sympathetic to mortal tribes, to take in those that need assistance, and to help them get on their feet. He also has an unrivaled sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Recommended Characters: Boko functions well with characters who value luck and speed, but also those that may work as support units. Thieves will benefit from the enhanced speed and luck (and will be easily capable of driving up the Crisis Level), while White Mages will benefit from many of the healing action-abilities. Of course, these abilities can also help balance characters with none of those abilities, making them better-rounded.

Limit Break

A character who has Boko equipped gains Crisis from fleeing, and, when summoned, Boko delivers a painful kick to the enemy. Occasionally, those who summon Boko find that an immense, fat chocobo appears instead, dropping from the sky onto their foes. And sometimes, they find that the chocobo picks them up and escapes from combat — even if they didn't want to.

Crisis Mode: Coward

A character equipped with Boko gains 1 Crisis Level whenever they flee from combat.


Chocobo Kick
Fat Chocobo
Physical Roll 1d20. On a roll of 1 or 2, the party flees combat.
On a roll of 3-18, deal FIVE TIMES WEAPON POWER physical damage to one enemy.
On a roll of 19 or 20, deal TWO TIMES WEAPON POWER damage to all enemies.

Passive Traits

A character equipped with Boko gains the following traits:

Chocoboost Trait +1 Speed, +1 Luck
Resist Wind Trait Take half damage from Wind.

Action Abilities

When summoned, Boko can perform these actions, in addition to basic actions. Characters equipped with Boko gain these abilities, too. Remember that the summoners need to be at least the listed level to use the ability.

1: Escape

Boko flees combat entirely.

Escape Technique 1 A The party automatically flees combat. This counts as a failure, but it is automatic.

2: Choco-Cure

Boko heals himself, or allows his summoner to heal others.

Choco-Cure Spell 1 A
10 MP

3: Choco-Fire

Boko hurls a ball of flame at the enemy.

Choco-Fire Spell 1 A
10 MP
Deals SPELL POWER fire damage.

4: Choco-Guard

Boko steels himself, or an ally of his summoner, against harm.

Choco-Block Spell 1 A
10 MP
Bestows Regen.

5: Choco-Recharge

Evoking the white chocobo, Boko recovers magic power.

Choco-Recharge Spell 2 A
2 MP

6: Choco-Flare

Boko blasts an enemy with a brutal ball of fire.

Choco-Flare Spell 2 A
20 MP
Deals SPELL POWER fire damage, and ignores Willpower.

7: Choco-Barrier

Boko ensures that he remains alive.

Choco-Barrier Spell 2 A
20 MP
Bestows Protect and Shell.

8: Choco-Esuna

Boko removes ailments from himself.

Choco-Esuna Spell 3 A
30 MP
Removes all ailments.

9: Choco-Meteor

Boko, using the power of the Red Chocobo, summons a great meteor.

Choco-Meteor Spell 3 A
30 MP
Deals TRIPLE SPELL POWER non-elemental damage to one enemy.

10: Deathblow!!

Boko is suddenly mounted by a moogle (or the summoner), and they charge into the nearest foe.

Deathblow!! Tech 4 A Deals TRIPLE SPELL POWER wind damage to one enemy, and inflicts Stop.
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