The Bee family includes wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, and other flying, stinging insects. The family doesn't represent the "normal" bee, but rather the monstrous version of the bee, which may prey on humanoids, or at least threaten them.

Level 1 Vermin/Bee/Bumblebee
HP 20 MP 30
Sta 3 Wil 1
Wpn 1d10+2 Spl 1d6-3
Spd 5 Luk 1
Adjustments +2 Wpn
Sting Attack 1d10+2 damage
Defend Defend Heal 1 hp, 1 mp, and 5 spd.
Pollen (Blue) 6 mp, Charge 3 Heals 1d6-3 HP for the user.

Stats & Equipment

Stats & Equipment
Vig +0 Agi +4
Vit +0 Int -4
Mnd +0 Spr +0
Weapon - Stinger: +2 Wpn
Armor - Chitin: +2 Sta


Gambit: Attack, and use Pollen @ Crisis.

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