Basic Actions

Every FFZ character has the following options to take on their turn. Each option takes one action (1 A) to perform.

Attack A basic attack with your equipped weapon, dealing WEAPON POWER physical damage to a single target. Certain weapons may add different effects to this attack (such as bows making the attack ranged, or a flaming sword dealing fire damage). You may move to the Front Row automatically before you attack.
Defend You gain AGI + LEVEL Speed, heal Vit + Level HP and Spt + Level MP (minimum of 0 for all), and take half damage from all attacks until your next turn.
Hold You can hold one action for your next turn.
Use Item You use an item from your inventory.
Change Equipment You can switch out your current weapon, armor, or accessory.
Run Roll 1d20+Luck. If your roll is greater than 10, you can escape combat. This counts as a Failure.
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