In Final Fantasy Zero, when you choose to attack your enemy, you will remove some of their endurance and health — their hit points — representing their growing exhaustion. You do not need to roll to "hit" your target in FFZ: you automatically hit, and deal damage.


Your basic "Fight!" command simply deals WEAPON POWER damage to a single target. This will likely be modified by your Attack Mode, assuming you have some weapon. For instance, if you have a Bow, this changes your Attack Mode to Ranged, and so you hit enemies in the Back Row for full damage.

Spells, Techniques, Etc.

While your normal Fight action will get you through many simpler combats, for most fights, you will need a little more strategy. That's where spells, techniques, and other special attacks come in. These abilities have their own "attack modes," and do things you might not otherwise be able to do, such as poisoning your enemies, or blasting them with fire, or dealing QUADRUPLE damage. You can even use certain items as attacks, though they generally deal fairly flat amounts of damage. Usually, Spells deal SPELL POWER damage, and Techniques deal WEAPON POWER damage.

Some spells or techniques also allow you to target "All Enemies," instead of just one target. These might not do quite as much damage, but they are pretty good for clearing a room!

Damage Type

Weapons, some spells, and most techniques deal physical damage: a hit with a sword, a bash with a club, or a stab with a spear. There is also elemental damage, coming from various elemental powers (fire, or ice, or lightning, for instance).


When you deal damage, it subtracts from an enemy's current hit points (HP). If the enemy's HP reaches 0, it is defeated, and can no longer take actions.


Many attacks have a curse on them, often a status ailment. In order to inflict this, you must roll the dice specified in the ability description (usually WEAPON POWER for Techniques, and SPELL POWER for Spells), and compare it to the target's Mind score. If your roll beats the creature's Mind, you inflict the Secondary Effect, and it lasts for a number of turns equal to the difference between your roll and the creature's Mind. If you don't beat the ceature's Mind, the secondary effect does not take.

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