Armor is protective gear. In FFZ, armor comes in a few broad categories, and in addition to granting defensive bonuses, armor has support abilities that help those that wear it. Armor gives you passive defenses, based on the Grade of the armor (from +1 to +5).

Armor Bonus Defense Type Effect
Plate Stamina Vital Defense Add your Vitality bonus to your Stamina.
Light +2 HP Uninhibited Speed Add your Agility bonus to your Speed.
Robes Mind Spiritual Defense Add your Spirit bonus to your Mind.

Armor Categories

Plate Armor

Plate armor, sometimes called "heavy armor," is made from sheets of metal put together, providing comprehensive physical defense. Plate enhances Stamina, and is mostly employed by front-row jobs who need a lot of protection.

Jobs Using Plate Armor

  • Breakers use plate armor to endure in their shattering attacks.
  • Dark Knights use plate armor to help keep them alive after trading their life-force for power.
  • Dragoons use plate armor to ward them in between jumps.
  • Machinists use plate armor. Their proficiency with metals makes it easy for them to wear such bulky equipment.
  • Paladins, icons of protective defense, use plate armor to help defend their allies.
  • Samurai decimate enemies in the front row with melee attacks, and so wear plate.

Basic Plate Armor

Grade Armor Bonus
Starting Linen Cuirass +2 Stamina
Beginner's armor made mostly of layers of cloth.
D Chainmail +3 Stamina
Heavy armor of interlinked metal chains.
C Plate Mail +4 Stamina
Armor of overlapping plates of heavy steel.
B Knight's Armor +5 Stamina
Ornate plate mail worn by battle champions.
A Maximilian +6 Stamina
Armor forged for an emperor
Special Grand Plate +7 Stamina
The mightiest of armors.

Special Plate Armor

Grade Armor Bonus Ability Ability Description
D Iron Plate +2 Stamina Safeguard Your equipment cannot be affected by abilities in combat.
Heavy iron plates give even your equipment great protection.
B Caribeener Mail +4 Stamina +3 Weapon Power +3 equipment bonus to Weapon Power
Mail made from thick, interlocking chain links.
Special Mirror Mail +5 Stamina Auto-Reflect You have constant Reflect status.
Shimmering plates of reflective metal.
Special Bone Mail +6 Stamina Undead You take 2x damage from Holy (and take damage from holy healing), and Shadow damage heals you.
Armor made of bones and necromantic magick.

Light Armor

Light armors are used by magickal and martial characters who don't employ plate. This includes light armors, uniforms, and vests. Light armors enhance Willpower and Stamina fairly equally, though they lack the high numbers of the specialized armors.

Jobs Using Light Armor

  • Bards use light armor. Though largely a back-row job, the Bard is no pushover when hit with a hammer.
  • Berserkers use light armor. They are a front-row job, but they are reckless and undisciplined, causing their defenses to suffer.
  • Dancers use light armor. Agile and quick, dancers can use the front row on occasion.
  • Druids use light armor because they must stand wherever the spirits command.
  • Fencers use light armor as they dodge and weave between their foes.
  • Freelancers, the classic flexible anyjob, use light armor.
  • Gunners employ light armor due to their melding of ranged attacks and physical power.
  • Hunters use light armor to protect themselves from all manner of wild threats.
  • Monks blend physical power with mystical ki, and so use light armor to defend against magical and physical blows.
  • Ninjas like to move in quick and get away quick, so their armor is useful in both situations.
  • Soldiers wear light armor because its flexibility mirrors their own.
  • Thieves enjoy the back row when hiding, and the front row when striking, making light armor perfect for them.

Basic Light Armor

Grade Armor Bonus
Starting Clothes No Bonus
Your everyday outfit
D Leather Garb +1 Stamina, +1 Willpower
Clothes of stiffened leather.
C Survival Vest +2 Stamina, +2 Willpower
A vest made for hardy wilderness travel.
B Brigandine +3 Stamina, +3 Willpower
Cloth armor studded with metal plates
A Adamant Vest +4 Stamina, +4 Willpower
A breastplate hewn of the hardest metal
Special Vishnu Vest +5 Stamina, +5 Willpower
A brilliant blue vest said to represent godlike infinity

Special Light Armor

Grade Armor Bonus Ability Ability Description
D Gilbart's Tunic +1 Stamina, +2 Willpower SOS Hide When in Crisis, you automatically gain the Hidden status, and so you cannot be targeted, but you cannot take any action. You can remove this status from yourself on your turn, by using your turn.
A tunic worn by a famously cowardly king.
C Bard's Tunic +1 Stamina, +2 Willpower Loudmouth You are immune to Seal.
A fashionable tunic with bells and cymbals on it.
C Kenpo Gi +2 Stamina, +1 Willpower +2 Weapon Power +2 equipment bonus to Weapon Power
A martial arts uniform for unarmed warriors
C Judo Uniform +2 Stamina, +1 Willpower HP +10% Your maximum HP increases by 10% of your normal HP maximum.
A martial arts suit, made to enhance endurance.
B Power Sash +3 Stamina, +2 Willpower +4 Weapon Power +4 equipment bonus to Weapon Power.
A mirrored vest that causes your image to dance around chaotically.
B Red Jacket +2 Stamina, +3 Willpower Fire-proof You gain Null for Fire damage.
Coats favored by red mages.
B Rubber Suit +2 Stamina, +3 Willpower Lightning-proof You gain Null for Lightning damage.
A feminine armor that neutralizes lightning.
B Giant Suit +3 Stamina, +2 Willpower HP +20% Your maximum HP increases by 20% of your normal HP maximum.
Clothes that take blows for their weilder.
A Black Garb +2 Stamina, +1 Willpower +5 Speed +5 equipment bonus to Speed.
Dark clothing worn by stealthy warriors.
A Minerva Bustier +4 Stamina, +3 Willpower +5 Weapon Power +5 equipment bonus to Weapon Power.
Feminine armor blessed by a goddess.
A Mirage Vest +4 Stamina, +3 Willpower Auto-Blink You gain Blink.
A mirrored vest that causes your image to dance around chaotically.
A Master's Gi +4 Stamina, +3 Willpower HP +30% Your maximum HP increases by 30% of your normal HP maximum.
A martial arts uniform worn by those at the top of their style.
Special Brave Suit +5 Stamina, +4 Willpower Courage You gain Brave.
Armor for a courageous warrior.
Special Gaia Gear +4 Stamina, +5 Willpower Earth Eater You gain Eater for Earth-elemental damage.
Druidic armor sacred to the Planet.
Special Ninja Gear +5 Stamina, +4 Willpower +3 Speed, Evade 15 +3 equipment bonus to Speed and grants you an Evade of 15
Dark clothing worn by stealthy warriors.


Robes are used by spellcasters to protect against magick. Robes enhance Willpower.

Jobs Using Robes

  • Astrologers use robes, as classic back-row mages.
  • Devouts use robes to protect themselves from enemy spellcasters while they tend to their allies.
  • Mystics use robes, because by the time they enter melee, their enemies should be mostly incapable of reacting.
  • Black Mages use robes to protect them from the magical damage hurled their way, and don't normally dare step out of the back row.

Basic Robes

Grade Armor Bonus
Starting Hempen Robes +2 Willpower
Simple hemp robes.
D Cotton Robes +3 Willpower
Robes of soft cotton
C Silk Robe +4 Willpower
Robes of smooth, strong silk.
B Wizard Robes +5 Willpower
Robes worn by clever sophists.
A Magus Robe +6 Willpower
Robes worn by professional spellcasters.
Special Rainbow Robes +7 Willpower
Robes woven of light itself.

Special Robes

Grade Armor Bonus Ability Ability Description
D Seeker's Robes +1 Willpower MP + 10% Increase maximum MP by 10%
Robes given to accomplished apprentices.
C Bloody Robe +2 Willpower MP Impact When you are dealt damage, you gain 10% of that damage as MP recovery.
Robes that give power as their wielder dies.
C Regen Robe +2 Willpower Regenerate Once hit in combat, you gain the Regen enhancement.
A robe that knits wounds its bearer suffers.
B Sage's Surplice +4 Willpower +4 Spell Power +5 Equipment bonus to Spell Power
A robe worn by holy elders.
B Sorcery Robes +4 Willpower MP + 20% Increase maximum MP by 20%
Robes of magical thread.
A Samite Coat +5 Willpower Return Spell When hit with a spell attack, you use the same spell against the creature that hit you. You do not spend MP, and you do not have to know the spell.
Robes of shimmering silver thread, glistening in the softest light.
Special Black Robe +5 Willpower +6 Spell Power +6 Equipment bonus to Spell Power
Robes for a weaver of dark magicks.
Special Luminous Robe +6 Willpower Half MP The MP cost for all of your spells is halved.
Robes woven of raw, shimmering magick.
Special Magician's Robes +6 Willpower MP +30% Increase maximum MP by 30%
Robes owned by the worlds greatest mages.
Special White Robe +6 Willpower Ward All You gain Ward against all elemental damage.
Robes for a crusader of light.
Special Robe of Lords +6 Willpower Pierce Spells you cast cannot be Reflected.
Violet, jade-encrusted robes of Emperors.

Armor Strategy

Plate armor improves your physical defenses magnificently. Thus, it is best for people who spend time in the Front Row. Due to row mechanics, Stamina tends to be more necessary than Willpower, since Row status doesn't affect the latter, but does affect the former.

Light armor treads a middle line. Thus, it is good for characters who don't specialize, who might move back and forth between the rows.

Robes are the other side of the coin, improving your magickal defenses exceptionally, but ignoring your physical defenses. For this reason, characters who equip robes are exceptionally vulnerable in the Front Row — it is as if they were wearing nothing at all.

Sidebar: Armor and Accessories

You'll notice that FFZ doesn't include arm gear or head gear for their armor sets — there's no hats and helms, and there's no armlets or shields or shoes or boots here in the Armor section. Most of those things have been given to the Accessories section, and that any FFZ character can equip them. They provide similar bonuses to armor, but they may carry diverse bonuses and different abilities altogether, each one functioning like its own special piece of equipment.

Option: Unusual Armor

As with weapons, it is possible to add armors to the given list for specific jobs. If your new job uses a new, unusual type of armor, all you need to do is decide which statistic it enhances (Stamina, Willpower, or a combination of the two). Give it names for each of the six classes, and either swipe special armors from one section, or make your new special armors for the new set. All you need to do is make sure your support abilities follow the general support ability guidelines, and you're good to go.

Option: Piecemeal Armor

FFZ errs on the side of simplicity with its armor. One suit of armor gives you all the attendant gear (greaves, helmets, hats, gauntlets, gloves, boots, shoes, whatever), and they are all put together to grant the bonus that you see above.

However, some FF games err on the side of complexity. This allows you to customize your armor selection more, but it trades that customization for added preparation time. If an individual GM is interested in complicating play in exchange for more verisimilitude, or in order to simulate the games a little better, they are welcome to break up the armor into individual pieces that each add a fraction of the total bonus for the armor.

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