This is the list of accessory categories in FFZ. Each accessory category has its own page. While weapons tend to have offensive abilities, and armor tends to have defensive abilities, accessories form a "catch-all" category that includes interesting, useful, or flavorful abilities for characters. Every character can access all accessories, but only one accessory can be equipped at a time on a given character.

All bonuses to statistics provided by accessories are equipment bonuses. This is the same type as is granted by armor, so they do not stack with armor.

Ability Notes

Certain abilities have shared mechanics worth noting.

Auto-Abilities are triggered by some event, provoking you to take an action. You take action after the event completes, and you must be able to take action to use an auto-ability, but the action takes no time. For instance, if an attack KO's you, you cannot use Auto-Potion. Similarly, if petrified, you can't use Auto-Meds to use a Golden Needle.

Class D

Class D accessories are the weakest available, giving support abilities that are useful, but not necessarily game-changing.

Metal Detector

This handy accessory lets you know if you've missed any valuables in the chaos of combat. It is recommended for characters who make frequent use of items, such as those without easy access to healing, or characters like Machinists and Thieves who make prominent use of items.

Metal Detector D Item Finder After an encounter, you can roll Luck for treasure a second time.
If the result is an Item, you gain the Item award in addition to your first roll.
If the result is anything else, you do not gain anything else for the second roll.


A useful accessory that makes accessing your equipment much easier. This can easily reflect characters who deal with items frequently (such as Machinists and Thieves), but is also very useful for anyone with multiple weapon or armor proficiencies, who wants to be able to swap out one piece of equipment for another.

Pouch D Off-Hand Quick-Draw Changing equipment doesn't cost you an action.

Class C

Class C accessories are broadly useful, saving the character significant effort, but they are rarely powerful.

Thief's Cuffs

Thief's Cuffs help a character who can steal (mostly, Thieves, and those with Thief as a sub-job) to steal more often.

Thief's Cuffs D Off-Hand Sticky Fingers +5 to d20 rolls to steal.

Shaman Ring

A ring decorated with healing motifs, feathers, claws, and animal skins. The ring carries a secret stash of potions, enabling a character equipped with it to heal themselves quickly once hit. This is useful for any character, though it rarely counteracts all the damage a character faces.

Shaman Shield C Waist Auto-Potion When injured in combat, you can instantly use a Potion on yourself.

Magnetic Earring

An earring that occasionally attracts magical energy.

Magnetic Earring C Head Conserve MP When you cast a spell, roll 1d20. On a roll of 15-19, you spend 10% less MP to cast it. On a roll of 20, you spend 20% less MP to cast it.

Class B

Class B accessories are mid-ranked, very useful, but still fairly niche.

Alarm Earring

An earring that alerts you when something is sneaking up behind you, with a small chime.

Alarm Earring B Head Vigilance Your party cannot be Ambushed.

Black Belt

A belt that allows you to strike those that strike you.

Black Belt B Waist Counter Stance Whenever you are damaged by a physical attack, there is a 50% chance of you dealing Weapon Power damage to the creature that attacked you.

Class A

Class A accessories might mean the difference between life and death in certain cases.

Medicinal Ring

A ring depicting a symbol of healing, it hides a stash of medicines, enabling a character equipped with it to recover from an ailment quickly if afflicted. Any character can benefit from it, especially those going up against enemies with pernicious ailments.

Medicinal Ring A Hand Auto-Meds When afflicted with an ailment in combat, you can instantly use the corresponding Medicine to remove it.

Yellow Scarf

A scarf woven of golden fabric.

Yellow Scarf A Neck Gillionaire You gain double the amount of gil from enemies.

Special Class

Special Class accessories are above and beyond, making adventuring much easier for a character with them.

Phoenix Ring

A ring of red gold, with a firebird emblazoned on it. It hides a stash of phoenix downs, enabling a character equipped with it to quickly respond to an ally who drops. This is perhaps most useful for well-protected characters, who are unlikely to be the first ones to get KO'd in combat.

Phoenix Ring Special Hand Auto-Phoenix When an ally is KO'd in combat, you can instantly use a Phoenix Down to revive them.

Boxer's Mantle

A cape made for those who want to float like a butterfly

Boxer's Mantle Special Neck Artful Dodger You gain an Evade of 10.

Grade Accessory Ability Ability Description
D Barbute +2 Stamina Stamina bonus
A helmet that leaves only a small slit for the face.
D Gauntlets +1 Stamina
+1 Weapon Power
Stamina and Weapon Power bonuses
A pair of heavy mailed gloves
D Headgear +1 Stamina
+1 Willpower
Stamina and Willpower bonuses
A padded helmet for sparring.
D Red Cap +10 HP HP bonus
Goblins frequently wear hats like this
D Royal Crown +2 Willpower Willpower bonus.
A crown for a strong leader.
D Thief's Gloves +2 Speed Speed bonus
Gloves for the quick and sneaky.
D Thief's Cap +2 Luck Luck bonus
A bandanna for the clever and the lucky.
D Tiara +2 Spell Power Spell Power bonus
A crown for a young lady.
C Bracer +3 Weapon Power Weapon Power bonus
A long arm-guard that enhances the wielder's strength.
C Feathered Cap +1 Stamina
+1 Willpower
+1 Speed
Stamina, Speed, and Willpower bonuses
A jaunty hat with a magicked feather stuck in it.
C Giant's Gloves +1 Stamina
+1 Weapon Power
+5 HP
Stamina, Weapon Power, and HP bonuses
A long arm-guard that enhances the wielder's strength.
C Green Beret Evade 10 You gain Evade 10.
A cap that provides an eerie awareness of being attacked.
C Lamia's Tiara Confuse-proof You are immune to Confuse
This crown resembles two gilded snakes entwining.
C Protect Ring Auto-Protect You gain Protect
The jewel in this ring projects a shield against physical attacks.
C Round Shield +3 Stamina Bonus to Stamina
A simple shield
C Ruby Ring +3 Willpower Willpower bonus
A ring set with a mystical gem the color of blood.
C Silver Armlet +2 Willpower
+1 Stamina
Bonuses to Stamina and Willpower
An ornate silver decoration.
C Tiger Mask +2 Stamina
+1 Weapon Power
Bonuses to Stamina and Weapon Power.
An ornate silver decoration.
B Black Cowl +1 Stamina
+1 Willpower
+2 Speed
Stamina, Willpower, and Speed bonuses
A dark hood worn by executioners and assassins.
B Bone Wrist +2 Stamina
+2 Weapon Power
Stamina and Weapon Power bonuses
A bracelet made from the bones of enemies.
B Kaiser Shield +4 Stamina Stamina bonus
A shield used by kings and emperors
B Power Wrist +4 Weapon Power Weapon Power bonus.
A wrist-guard employed by martial artists.
A Circlet +3 Spell Power
+2 Willpower
Spell Power and Willpower bonuses.
A crown that focuses mental energies.
A Hero's Shield Null Black You gain Null for Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Shadow damage.
A shield that guards against mystical harm.
A Sage's Mitre +5 Willpower Willpower bonus
This is an ornate hat is worn by religious leaders.
A Twist Headband +3 Weapon Power
+2 Stamina
Weapon Power and Stamina bonuses.
A headband of tightly woven cord.
A Wizard's Hat +5 Spell Power Spell Power bonus
This hat has images of the cosmos on it.
Special Aegis Shield Petrify-proof You are immune to Petrify.
A shield with the severed head of a medusa strapped to it.
Special Cat-Ear Hood +4 Speed
+2 Willpower
Speed and Willpower bonuses.
A white hood frequently worn by powerful healers.
Special Dueling Mask +3 Stamina
+3 Weapon Power
Stamina and Weapon Power bonuses
A strong mask that enhances the wearer's physical might.
Special Force Shield Null All Negates all types of elemental damage.
A shield that defends the wielder against damaging magic.
Special Gold Hairpin Half MP The MP cost of all Spells is halved for you.
An ornate hairpin that focuses the mind keenly.
Special Grand Helm +25 HP HP bonus.
A helmet designed with the stern face of a warrior on its front.
Special Ribbon Pure You cannot be afflicted with any status ailments.
A shimmering ribbon of cloth.

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