Welcome to Final Fantasy Zero!

This is the wiki for Final Fantasy Zero, the tabletop Final Fantasy game fan project by Jacob Driscoll. It contains the Work-In-Progress entries that will eventually be collected into the FFZ PDF documents. The table of contents at the left should help you navigate wherever you need to go. Primarily, this site is currently a reference, rather than an instruction manual — the PDFs are for that.

Recent Updates

10/09/11 — It's been a YEAR since my last big update! I'm going through now and futzing with how statuses are imposed, affecting attack and damage types. After some playtesting, I figured combat could use a little more strategy. The non-combat elements will also be receiving some attention here. It won't be going fast. ;p

Dorking Out Status: Catching Up

A little luck got me a TV, and I've been catching up since then! A little chaos in the coming months means that I might not make that much progress on it, but it should be followed by an extended period of stability, and Progress Will Be Made! :)

Currently playing through: 358/2 Days

  1. Lacking funds (XIV)
  2. Lacking PSP (Dissidia, War of the Lions, Birth By Sleep)
  3. Lacking PS3 (XIII)
  4. TV!
    1. CC: Crystal Bearers (Wii!)
    2. IV: The After (Wii!)
    3. RE: Chain of Memories (Ps2!)
    4. CC: Echoes of Time (Wii!)
    5. 358/2 Days (DS!)
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